In the Spotlight: Bram Huyghe

Strategist, analyst, public speaker... Name a hat, he probably wears it. Meet our Inside Sales & Account Director, Bram Huyghe.

Bram-HuygheBram Huyghe

Inside Sales & Account Director

Bram uses data to create (employer) branding strategies that cover both business goals and internal culture to drive brand & image awareness. He loves building strong relationships between employees and external potential.


  • What is your job at Social Seeder?

I'm an Inside Sales & Account Director; I create and guard the methodology used to manage clients' success and drive the Social Seeder platform.

  • What did you do before joining Social Seeder?

I worked in a telecommunication company for about 8 years, having held several roles over the time: from Trainer to Mobile back office, to Project Manager. In addition, I also spent one year as ICT coordinator in a Japanese manufacturing environment.

  • What accomplishment that you achieved throughout your time at Social Seeder are you most proud of?

The time I spent reading, talking with people, analyzing data to come up with a narrative and strategy to make every ambassador programme a success. To be able to do that, I had to grow several new skills as a person; public speaking, analytical skills (excel, BI-tools, databases...), change management, sales and HR employer branding.

  • What do you like most about being part of Social Seeder?

The mission; A world where people and corporations can overlap in more than one way is a dream that Social Seeder is realising right now.

In my opinion, companies has been lacking in humanisation. Digital transformation has made clear the necessity of employee centricity and its impact.
  • What is your ambition for the company?

That we, as Social Seeder, by showing the value of employee advocacy, make a new co-creation process that is embedded in every company strategy, regardless of industry or location.

  • Do you have a personal mantra?

Well, this comes from a movie called Waking life by Richard Linklater. In the opening scene there is a little girl playing a paper fortune teller, and she unfolds the future of the main character with the words "Dream is destiny". The way I interpret this is that life is a dream in which there's music playing, but it's up to you whether to dance or not. "Dream is destiny" is the first tattoo I got.

  • So that's your favorite movie then?

Yes. It was the first and only movie I watched twice in a row. The main character is stuck in a dream and can't wake up. In this dream he has conversations about things like existentialism, axiology, metaphysics and evolution... I like how the movie puts perspective on things without getting stuck in one vision. As a strategist, I think it is important to be able to look at different visions without getting stuck in one view.

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