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In the Spotlight: Filip Galetic

Who is the team behind Social Seeder? This week, we are proud to introduce you to our Growth Marketing Manager, Filip Galetic.

Filip-GaleticFilip Galetic

Growth Marketing Manager

Filip's calling is helping B2B scale-ups get more qualified leads and close more sales through a cross-funnel marketing strategy and working closely with sales and customer success, which is precisely what his mission is in Social Seeder.


  • What do you do at Social Seeder?

Hey there, I'm the resident Growth Marketing Manager. I think a lot about how to make things happen that bring the company more qualified prospects and fruitful demo meetings and then share that with others and help implement it.

  • What was your career path before you joined Social Seeder?

My first job was actually 17 years ago! Don't let the boyish look fool you - I'm older than you think. After getting started in marketing and PR, I specialized in social media around 2010 which in turn led to me being happily indoctrinated with the inbound marketing methodology. From about 2013, I started picking up enough demand from people and businesses who wanted to work with me that I went independent and had a very successful run of consulting globally in marketing strategy, paid media and Hubspot. In 2016 I started focusing on helping B2B tech scaleups in Belgium and after a few years of that, here I am helping Social Seeder with the next growth stage.

  • What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?
Over the years, it's become crystal clear to me that the only way to really control your company's growth is to put in place processes that are repeatable and measurable.

I'm privileged to share that perspective and help Social Seeder really adopt a way to do marketing that will serve the company for a long time and keep work exciting for everyone involved. You can say that I've been around the block so it's my pleasure to help us choose the right activities, avoid changing course too soon, or invest resources in something that won't yield a return.

  • What do you like most about being part of Social Seeder?

Social Seeder is such a unique solution made possible by some of the most intellectually and emotionally brilliant people I've had the chance to work with recently. I'd wish for that to translate into more people recognizing that brilliance and letting us serve them our flavor of lasting, authentic employer branding and employee engagement.

  • What is your ambition for the company?

I've worked with companies like Coca Cola, Pfizer, Mars, Ogilvy... but I prefer helping out growing B2B SaaS companies a lot more. Something about helping the "small guy" and disturbing the status quo just essentially attracts me. On top of that, Social Seeder is probably the most customer-centric company I worked with yet and I'm so grateful I'm able to learn about that every day and really live it along with Patrick and the rest of the team.

  • Do you have any special interest in your personal life?

Why yes I do! Since about 2016 I've been steeped in board gaming. I enjoy it because for an INTP like me it enables me to interact with people in a way that my brain perceives as productive and with the right mix of predictability and chance. And the variety of games nowadays, the experiences they can give and places they can transport you to are incredible. Previously I didn't have a collection-based hobby and this passion has resulted in a collection of 50+ games. Everyone has to have a vice, no?

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