In the Spotlight: Kristof Drossaert


Behind every success is a great team, but who is the team behind Social Seeder? Get to meet our COO, Kristof Drossaert.

KristofKristof Drossaert

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Kristof is the engineer of the organisation, he co-designs and builds the solid foundation and structure upon which the company can grow and flourish.

  • What do you do at Social Seeder?

I am the COO , meaning that I'm responsible for the internal operations of Social Seeder. In essence, this means that I create the necessary structure and establish workflows that allow international growth.

  • What was your career path before you joined Social Seeder?

Prior to Social Seeder I was a marketing professional, first within some of the top Belgian agencies and afterwards at client side as Digital Marketing Manager for Nissan Benelux.

  • What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

The fact that at Nissan, from basically nothing, I created a fully functional Digital Marketing team that had both a big influence internally and on a European level.

  • What do you like most about being part of Social Seeder?
The reason I joined Social Seeder is that I could be part of sketching out the foundations of a growing company. And that is also what I like most, the sensation of being at the steering wheel of something great.
  • What is your ambition for the company?

My personal ambition is to grow as a person and to gain respect as a visionary entrepreneur. For the company, my goal is to lift Social Seeder up to a company that has a unique market positioning that makes it very attractive to work with us and to become a must-have for our customers.

  • Do you have any special interest in your personal life?

I'm what they call an amateur chef. I love discovering new food and recipes. And of course, field research is an important part of it.

  • What was the main impact of Corona on your personal and professional life?

On a personal level, it meant that I could spend a lot of time with my two young children, which to me was a real blessing. However, missing out on social life has been and still is quite hard. On a professional level, I would say the biggest impact was the realization that 100% remote working is leading to a big disconnect between co-workers. So a healthy balance between remote and on-site is key for a successful organization.


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