In the Spotlight: Marcella Rosenberg


Who is the team behind Social Seeder? This week, we are proud to introduce you to our Product Owner, Marcella Rosenberg.

Marcella-RosenbergMarcella Rosenberg

Product Owner

With a customer-centric approach, Marcella's mission is to ensure that we're always delivering the most valuable solution for our users.

  • What do you do at Social Seeder?

Being a Product Owner means that I am responsible for every decision around the product and it's strategy. My goal is to make sure our team is always delivering the most valuable solutions to our users.

  • What was your career path before you joined Social Seeder?

I've worked in different types of companies before joining Social Seeder team: from LED lighting to startups, advertising agency to a digital transformation consultancy. I first started as a marketeer, slowly moved to account manager, then to project manager, and finally transitioned to the product universe as a product manager/owner. Most recently I participated in a digital transformation project for one of Brazil's biggest banks.

  • What specific expertise and talents do you bring on board?

I've been working with startups and technology companies almost my whole career, so one of my greatest strengths is the experience I bring with me. I like working in fast paced environments with cross-functional teams - I am not afraid of code, design, UX or customers' feedback conversations; I like it and that's what I'm here for!

  • What do you like most about being part of Social Seeder?

Employee advocacy is something new for me, and so is the Social Seeder platform and methodology - it is something that I have never thought about before, and now I understand how important that is for every company. With the current scenario of COVID-19, the interest in what we do only grew.

Straightening relationships between companies and their employees has never been so important, and this is what excites me about being a part of a company like this: the growth opportunity is huge!
  • What is your ambition for the company?

In the medium-term I want us to be a reference when it comes to employee advocacy, not only in Belgium, but in other countries and continents - and we're already going in this direction. In the long-term, is to be more than that: to be a full solution to help companies to become more and more meaningful not only to its employees, but also to the society.

  • What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekends?

As a newcomer to Belgium, I'm still getting to know the country and the city that I live in. I love riding around with my bike, so, exploring Brussels and other cities close by on two wheels is my favourite activity.

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