Destiny creates an ambassador community to boost their brand

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Client: Destiny
Industry: Telecommunications
Nº of employees: 140+

Destiny is a challenger in cloud telecom. It started with two brothers and a Telecom company in 2008, but Destiny has grown a great deal during the past few years and now it’s a fully mature cloud telecom company. With their cloud interaction platform it competes with brands like Orange, Telenet and Proximus.


What they wanted to accomplish

Destiny’s  main goal with Social Seeder is to create brand awareness: get their name out there to get people to know and recognise them. Their clients are generally very happy with Destiny but transforming leads into clients is sometimes a challenge. People are familiar with the competitors but the familiarity with the brand Destiny is still growing. That’s why Destiny’s main goal with Social Seeder is to create brand awareness.

The second goal with Social Seeder is to fill in the open vacancies. As a scale-up, Destiny has many open positions and uses Social Seeder to find the right people though their colleagues and ambassadors.


What they accomplished

Destiny started working with Social Seeder in 2017 and they already feel the impact. At the moment they have more than 65 ambassadors, 57 of which were active during the last month. They are sending, on average, four different campaigns per month to different segments of our ambassadors and the results, for the moment, have been great.

Here is a good example of a campaign that was very well received by Destiny’s ambassadors.

Destiny shared an interview with Daan De Wever, CEO of the company, where he spoke about Destiny’s growth and how they had doubled their customer base in the last months.

Of course, all the employees were eager to share the news. The post became really popular and the results of the campaign were great!

From the 69 invitees, more than 78% of them shared the content generating a total of 61 shares, which means that many of them shared the post on more than one social media channel.

The campaign reached around 7,203 people and  generated 1,412 visits to our website. Each person who shared the campaign drove around 26 people to our content.




Active ambassadors

Active ambassadors

Campaigns per month

Campaigns per month

Destiny is a cloud telecom company where communication is one of the key factors. Social Seeder helps us to share new facts and figures about our company through our colleagues. That’s creating brand awareness as it should be.

Hylke Huys │ Marketing & Communication Manager
Hylke Huys │ Marketing & Communication Manager

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