Fluvius creates a powerful community of ambassadors to boost their brand

Client: Fluvius
Industry: Energy & Environment
Nº of employees: 2,000+

Fluvius offers network solutions for electricity, natural gas, heat and public lighting.

The company also has an important social role in the realisation of climate objectives, the fight against energy poverty and the independent management of energy data.


What they wanted to accomplish

Fluvius, the Belgian grid operator of electricity and natural gas in the Flanders region of Belgium, wanted to create brand awareness, spread their message, and recruit ambitious people through their employees. 

By creating a strong internal community, Fluvius was able to consistently reach relevant networks of people thanks to their successful ambassador programme. 

Fluvius has 3 main goals with Social Seeder:

  1. Improve internal and external communications.
  2. Boost brand awareness.
  3. Create a happy and engaged community.

What they accomplished

Fluvius started working with Social Seeder in 2016 and the impact they have had is nothing short of impressive.

At the moment, they have more than 200 ambassadors who have enlisted to their programme and more than 65% of them share on a regular basis.

They are very selective with the content that they send to their ambassadors and, for the moment, they only send a campaign per month. Fluvius believes that the impact of each campaign is higher this way: their ambassador programme is not about quantity but about quality.

Eandis - Employee Advocacy Use Case

Their campaigns work particularly well when we share content regarding safety and wellbeing.  

For example, in January of 2018 there was a very tragic explosion in Antwerp. Before the explosion, a few people noticed the smell of gas but were not able to prevent it.

That week, Fluvius created a campaign under the tagline: “Do you smell gas? This is what you need to do”. Then, they gave some guidelines on how to proceed in these type of situations.

Eadis - Employee Advocacy Use Case

Their ambassadors rushed to share this campaign with their network and their network really appreciated this information so the post received lots of visits.

Eadis - Employee Advocacy Use Case

This campaign was shared more than 140 times in total by more than half of the ambassadors who received it. It was shared almost 1,5 times per ambassador, on average!

The campaign generated a reach of around 11,946 people and more than 1,586 unique hits.

This means that each ambassador who shared the campaign drove around 15 people to our content. This really shows how well this content was received by Fluvius’ ambassadors and their networks.




Active ambassadors

Active ambassadors

Campaign per month

Campaign per month

Thanks to Social Seeder, all of or colleagues are networkers and help us share our messages with their professional and social networks.

Kenneth De Guchtenaere│ Communication Specialist
Kenneth De Guchtenaere│ Communication Specialist

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