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Client: Dataflow
Industry: IT

Dataflow is a full-service IT company with the mission of ensuring that their customers can engage in their core business instead of their IT operations.


What they wanted to accomplish

Dataflow, an IT company from Belgium, was looking for new talent to join its team. To attract candidates, they decided to go with something else than traditional recruitment processes. Instead, they chose an ambassador program to attract the right people.

Spreading a vacancy on the right channels requires time and expertise. And recruitment companies willing to do it for you charge high fees. Dataflow was looking for a creative solution that would allow them to avoid those two problems. They chose an ambassador strategy for a more personal approach.

Main goals:

  • Recruit 2 new employees to join the HR department.
  • Limit the costs of the recruitment process.
  • Efficiency was key.

What they did

Dataflow decided to engage employees in the recruitment process, so they Involved a small group of enthusiastic employees and asked them to use their social media channels to recruit their two new colleagues.

They also added a sparkle of gamification by dividing employees into teams and offering prices for the winning teams.


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What they accomplished

  • More than 2,000 visits to the job offers.
  • 46 applicants.
  • The 2 open positions were filled in less than 3 weeks.

visits to the job offers

visits to the job offers

highly qualified applicants

highly qualified applicants

of the open positions filled in less than 3 weeks

of the open positions filled in less than 3 weeks

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