STIMA boosts its events by creating an ambassador community



Client: STIMA
Industry: Events

STIMA  is a membership organisation for professionals in marketing, communication and sales, and the leading Belgian platform for marketers.


What they wanted to accomplish

STIMA with more than 800 members became the main meeting point for marketing-minded professionals. The STIMA activities offer a unique opportunity to keep your knowledge up to date and to expand your network by engaging contacts.

STIMA already had a big network of supporters (experts, partners, speakers, organisers) and was looking for activating their network to spread awareness about their events, masterclasses, content and profile their thought leadership.

Main goals:

  • Recruit their supporters and transform them into ambassadors
  • Activate their ambassador network and use their influence on social media to share information about the events.

What they did

STIMA used Social Seeder’s Homebase to recruit their ambassadors and segmented them into different profiles. Then they created a content strategy that would allow them to send highly targeted content based on the ambassadors’ preferences.

STIMA Seeding Page


What they accomplished

  • They were able to recruit over 100 ambassadors in less than a year
  • An average open rate of 70%
  • Active ambassadors share in more than 2 social media channels at the same time.
  • All the ambassadors continue being active after a year.

Ambassadors recruited in less than a year

Ambassadors recruited in less than a year

sharers per active ambassador per campaign

sharers per active ambassador per campaign

of active ambassadors after a year

of active ambassadors after a year

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