Social Seeder is user-friendly and makes it easy to share messages on five different social media networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and Pinterest.


Your ambassadors regularly share your campaigns on their social network, entirely voluntarily. For every campaign shared, a single ambassador will reach an average of 215 people within his or her social network. This is a snowball effect that will lead to a landslide victory!

Maximum impact
and reliability

People consider notifications shared by ambassadors three to six times more reliable than notifications communicated by the organisation itself (*). Notifications shared by your ambassadors are therefore read much more attentively.

(*) Source: Keller-Fay Group - Article on Word of Mouth Advertising - April 2014

Optimum conversion

The targeted sharing of campaigns and the greater reliability paired with this result in a strongly increased Click-Through-Rate (CTR). This increases your notifications’ reach by tenfold, far more than can be achieved by the organisation itself through conventional paid and non-paid channels.

In the fourth quarter of 2015 the average CTR on the Social Seeder platform was 5.43%. The significantly higher click-through rate strengthens your campaign.

Control, measurability and optimisation

Social Seeder gives you control over your message, its dissemination and its impact. You create the message that your ambassadors share with their networks, with the optional addition of a personal message. All information can be traced in real-time through the dashboard, on which the number of clicks, the reach, the conversion rate and the marketing value can all be seen at a single glance. The built-in learning curves subsequently help you further optimise your campaign.

Acknowledgement, reward and engagement

Your ambassadors form a network of people who feel connected to your organisation or company. Through Social Seeder you can enter into dialogue with your ambassadors, acknowledge their efforts and even give them a small reward.



Sharing social media campaigns

Every organisation has its own identity and a story to go with it. What’s most important is that this story headlines as strongly and widely as possible. This is why your organisation needs a big online reach. Top-of-mind awareness is, after all, the key to success.

There is no better vehicle to spread your message than ambassadors. They convey your message in a non-commercial manner, awakening sincere interest among recipients.

Every campaign you launch as an organisation starts with your own network of employees, customers, members or fans. Depending on your campaign and the associated goals, you start by selecting the ambassadors whom you would like to approach. This segmented group will receive an e-mail invitation requesting them to take part, free of any obligation, in a seeding campaign. Just one link click in an e-mail will take them to the landing page on which they can read about the campaign. Next, they can choose if they want to share the relevant campaign information and, if so, through which social media. To lend a little more force to your message, you can also add a personal message for your ambassadors as an extra incentive.

Measurable successes

To measure is to know! Collecting and analysing data and results will allow Social Seeder to enhance the success of your campaigns.

You can use the dashboard on the Social Seeder platform to monitor the reach and conversion rates of your campaigns in detail. A smart and fast analysis of views, clicks and shares shows the impact per campaign, per ambassador and per social network.

This makes it easy to identify your greatest strengths and your most valuable ambassadors. As a result, in future you will be able to share your information more intelligently and give your story more punch, so that you can better achieve your ultimate goal, which is stronger impact.




Social Seeder is the ideal tool to work on brand building in an engaging manner. Employees (internal ambassadors) as well as customers, dealers and brand fans (external ambassadors) are all involved, which heightens brand awareness.



You can use Social Seeder to involve your employees in your organisation’s online communication. This makes Social Seeder a convenient tool for your internal communications department.



Your human resources department will also benefit from Social Seeder. Ambassadors can share job openings within the organisation with their network and, in doing so, take part in the search for new colleagues. Talented candidates may not actively be searching for new challenges, but you can reach them through the networks of your internal ambassadors.



Consumers and purchasers are generally more skeptical towards commercial messages communicated by brands and organisations. Social Seeder enables you to convey these messages through your employees’ personal social networks. This will reflect positively on your sales figures.