Most of the content that goes viral is generally funny. Humor is a tried-and-true way to engage audiences, and one of your best chances to get your content to go viralFor that reason, we have put together a list of fun and creative social media examples to give you some inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks is a smoothie and juice brand, but some of their posts have nothing to do with this topic. They dare to be silly and fun. But they always stay true to their brand personality.

You can follow them here: Innocent Twitter



 Innocent drinks social media example

 Innocent drinks social media example


2. Skittles

It looks like Skittles is all about being crazy on their social media. And, we are pretty sure they will bring a smile to your face. They make great use of custom graphics to stand out in the feed.

You can follow Skittles here: Skittles Twitter


Skittles social media example

Skittles social media example


3. Old Spice

Old Spice has funny and almost ridiculous content, but you can be sure you’ll remember the name after seeing one of their videos. And there is no better place than social media to show their funny content. Just take a look at their Twitter descriptions.

You can follow them here: Old Spice Twitter. And take a look at their crazy videos here: Old Spice YouTube.


Old Spice social media example

Old Spice social media example


4. Netflix

Netflix is not afraid to make fun of characters in their own TV shows or quoting one of their comedies. They post funny content and retweet relevant fun posts from their followers.

You can follow them here: Netflix Twitter


Netflix social media example


Let’s take a look at some funny replies

We are really sorry that [fill in the blank], you can contact us at, we would love to help you.”

For most brands, this is what customer service looks like on social media. But that’s not for every brand.

Some businesses now dare to use their social networks to deliver sharp comebacks and make clever jokes. Of course, there is a line, and crossing it can have consequences like losing a potential customer. However, in many cases, a clever reply can actually pay off. Take a look at these fun replies from companies.


1. Smart Cars

The small size of these cars has made them the center of online jokes ever since they were first introduced to the market. Normally they don’t take offense because the company is good at letting things pass. But sometimes they decide to reply on a joke made about their product.


Small Cars social media example


2. Tesco Mobile

Tesco mobile is a UK-based mobile network. They have earned a reputation for giving some hard burns, with more than 200k followers waiting for another burn they deserve a place on this list.

An old but gold example.


Tesco Mobile social media example

Tesco Mobile social media example


3. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is known to be one of the most entertaining and humorous brands on different channels. They have a quite young audience so it makes perfect sense they go for funny and riskier content.

When Old Spice called them out for false advertising they had the perfect comeback.


Taco Bell social media example


4. Old spice

As mentioned before, Old Spice is not afraid of some amazing and ridiculous content, and the same goes for their replies. In this case, they got a weird message and Old Spice replied in a similar way.


Old Spice social media example



Using humour on social media can be a great way to engage with your audience and reach a broader audience thanks to of all the retweets and comments by visitors.

Do you have any other fun and creative social examples? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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