Behind every company, there is a team (obvious) where each team member has something crazy and funny that’s unique to them. For you to get to know the Social Seeder team a bit better, we have created this post with a fun fact about every team member. Enjoy!

The Hipster

Let’s start off with myself (Thomas), this is what my colleagues had to say about me: “Thomas likes fancy clothes, is vegetarian and has a beard. Hipster? Noooo!”

But I have to admit that all the things they state are true. So a funny fact about me: I’m the Social Seeder Hipster.

thomas as a hipster

The Professional Chef

Asier is actually a professionally trained chef and spent 2 years in one of the best cooking schools in the Basque Country.

Asier quinoa

The Young Power

Patrick is The Godfather of Social Seeder but he has the energy of a 25-year-old and enjoys life to the fullest. It’s only in the morning when he remembers that his body is not as young anymore.

patrick as godfather

The Die Hard Gamer

I think Bram will still be gaming when he’s 80 years old and he’s convinced that he will beat you at Mario Kart every time! Sounds like a challenge to me. To the Rainbow Road, it is!

bram mariokart

The Dungeon Master

Lukas grew up as a big Star Wars fan but with the new movies being terrible (in his opinion) he found his new love: Dungeons and Dragons. Lukas is one of the best Dungeon Masters you can imagine and puts a lot of details in his stories to make sure you have the best time.

lukas party 2

The Sneaker Freaker

Our developer, Jef, has over 20 pairs of sneakers at the moment and buys 1 new pair almost every month. So you can call him a real sneaker freaker.

jef sneakers

The Plant Killer

Sarah has the special talent to let every plant die… Even if it’s a cactus.

sarah plant

The Fish Whisperer

Our Portuguese colleague Gonçalo calls himself the “fish-whisperer”. And he says this in a quite sarcastic way, because he’s the only one who has the decency to clean our fish tanks every few days. What would our fish, Chat and Chai, do without him?!

For the rest of us, he’s better known for the delicious Nata Pies he brings for us every time he goes to visit his family in Portugal.

goncalo bubble


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