Why the holiday season is great for ambassadorship

The holiday season typically means more spending. As people are spending more they are listening more to their friends, families and influencers.


Since most consumers are on social media (a study by www.emarketer.com in July 2016 has confirmed that people are checking out brands on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more before making holiday season purchases), it’s great place for posting and sharing information, but even better is the fact you can be leveraging these networks through your ambassadors to increase engagement that leads to conversion and sales.

Do let your ambassadors know that the holiday season is a big deal for you and your brand. Do ask what type of content they want to share in their social networks. Using their content or create the content your ambassadors want and feel valuable to their network, you will need to make sure you have an amplification machine ready.

This also a time when you will find new ambassadors and bring them on board. Use your social media insights to target find those people who already like your products. They are already interacting with you and sharing your content so why not turn them into your brand ambassador. Creating an incentive program for the those who bring new ambassadors to the program as well as the new ambassadors themselves looks like one of your priorities.


Do not focus on the direct sale but aim for interest generation. Look for the engagement and not the sales pitches. And the more engaging your conversation are the more likely your ambassadors are going to spread the word.
SocialSeeder is all about engaging your ambassadors to extend your reach. Don’t ruin your potential success with salesy post. Time to get creative and focus on messages that get people talking about you. They are not on vacation; they are working even harder during the holiday season.

Written by Mic Adam


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