Social Seeder keeps on growing and we are very excited to introduce you to our new colleague, Luca! He will be working as our new digital marketer. And we expect great things from him. Here is a short interview we had with Luca to learn a bit more about our new team member.

1. Why did you decide to move to Belgium and join the team of Social Seeder?

Friendly people, the innovation trends in technology and, of course, the absolute best beer in the world! Belgium has always had a special place in my heart- after all, my sister lives here too!
Simply put, I firstly decided to join the Social Seeder team due to its massive potential to shake up the market and its ability to genuinely help companies with their needs. From the start, I noticed it was a team of young, inspired and incredibly talented colleagues that liked working in unison towards Social Seeder’s goals. Naturally, I gravitated towards these features and instantly fell in love with the idea of working here!

2. What would you like to accomplish while you’re working at Social Seeder?

As the Digital Marketer, I see potential seeping through from all aspects of the company! My vision is to help increase our exposure in the online world and make sure that the correct systems are in place for the company to take great strides during its journey. I can foresee what Social Seeder will become and it is an honour to be the catalyst for its expansion!

3. How does an ideal day at work look like?

Come in, grab a cup of coffee and have a nice talk with a few colleagues- I’m antsy to see what the results of our campaigns are going to look like! Wish my colleagues good luck and begin my day with an analysis of yesterday’s results are, begin briefing what needs to be done today and lay out what needs to happen tomorrow and the following days. I absolutely love A/B testing, so naturally, a brainstorm and execution of new tests will come about and I let my creativity run! I’m Italian and love to eat/cook so lunch is always something I look forward to- but since this an ideal day, I’m having my mother’s lasagna! Back to the grind. I’m thinking of new ways for us to reach customers and how we can provide them with an excellent experience!

4. How would you describe Social Seeder in 3 words?

Powerful. Forward-thinking. Inclusive.

5. What hobbies do you have? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Like I wrote earlier, I love to cook- it’s something that lets my creativity flow and challenges me. Sustainable Agriculture. This is a big one! Before I moved to Belgium I had my own vegetable garden that produced 100% organic veggies! By family tradition, I love spearfishing and jump at any chance I get to go! Music has an immense impact on my life. They say travelling feeds the soul, which means my soul is incredibly fat!

6. Any favourite thing about Belgium so far?

The people are some of the friendliest and warmest that I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter! This was huge in my decision to live here.

7. Describe an odd habit of yours

Whenever I achieve a big accomplishment in my life I do the “Wig Wig” dance. Hopefully, I get to bust it out sometime soon!

8. #Random If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Immediate Reforestation. The world needs more trees and less paper!


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