First of all, don’t say we did not warn you. If you are not up to date with Game of Thrones, this post could contain more spoilers than a Fast and the Furious movie.

We will not go into specific details about the last episodes. But take a general look at the marketing lessons from Game of Thrones houses we learned.

House Stark – Winter is coming

Marketing Lessons From Game of Thrones


It is said that House Stark is one of the oldest houses in Game of Thrones. And with all this history to their name, they gained much wisdom over the years.

Their words serve as a reminder that hard times will eventually come: Winter is coming.
Only the ones that are prepared will “survive”.

What lessons can we learn from House Stark? 

  • Plan for the long term: create a plan on how you can put out content on a regular basis, rather than sending out 5 blog posts in one week and then nothing for the rest of the month.
  • Rely on your alliances: sometimes it is difficult to have content ready ahead of schedule. But, this is where you look at your alliances. Ask them for a guest blog post so you have a backup plan when you don’t have time for a blog post yourself. Additionally, including guest post will add some diversity to your blog, which your readers will appreciate.



House Lannister – Hear me Roar 

Marketing Lessons From Game of Thrones


Doesn’t sound familiar, does it? The official words for House Lannister are “Hear me Roar.” It’s a reference to the golden lion on their banner. But, they are more known for their other motto “A Lannister always pays his debts”. It is frequently used in a negative and positive way.

The Lannister’s are wealthy. They are one of the richest Houses in Westeros and that is exactly where their power comes from. But their money is not as plentiful as they would like for us to believe. They admitted that the source of their gold, the gold mines, did not produce any gold in the last years.

Now, they have to borrow their money from the Iron Bank, hoping that they will build up power through marriages. And in that way, pay off their debt to the Iron Bank.

What can we learn from House Lannister?

  • Create a marketing budget and stick to it: Measure your results and don’t waste money on strategies that are not working.



House Targaryen – Fire and Blood

Marketing Lessons From Game of Thrones


Daenerys Targaryen is the only surviving member of the Targaryen Dynasty (for the moment). She constantly has her end-goal in mind: reclaim the iron throne in Westeros.

I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of old Valyria, and I will take what is mine. With Fire and Blood I will take it.

To achieve this goal she has built an experienced team. First, she created an inner circle of advisors, after that she gets an army. Finally, she gained her followers. And don’t forget her most powerful allies, the dragons. 

Basically, she has built a strong team to help her claim the iron throne.

What does House Targaryen show us?

  • Establish your main direction: what are your main objectives, what is your target audience and what resources do you use to achieve your goal?
  • Communicate with your audience: talk to your followers, engage in online communities and create a strong group of followers.
  • Learn how to ride the dragons: social media, SEO and blogging are your three dragons. Sometimes dragons can be savage and difficult to control. Keep practising until you nail it!




  • House Stark: Be prepared.
  • House Lannister: Stick to your budget.
  • House Targaryen: Reach your goals with a strong team and a powerful community of followers.

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