With the end of the year in view, some of us look back at the past year others are looking ahead to the upcoming year. Here is what we believe the focus will be on in 2017 when it comes to marketing and social media.


Yes, content is still king but context has and is continuing to quickly catching up as the kingdom where to play in. The rules of content on the web are changing. Social content, reviews, blogs, papers, and eBooks are all still crucial aspects of marketing, but video is getting bigger and bigger since it is at everyone’s fingertips.

Additionally, the success of games like Pokémon Go will make the step towards virtual and augmented reality go even faster. 2017 will see brands incorporate videos even more. This leads to our 2nd trend


Pokémon Go has changed our view on augmented reality dramatically in 2016. The nostalgic game was a hit worldwide; garnering over 720,000 downloads on peak days and 650 million installs within 80 days of launch.

The phenomenon has inspired a lot of marketers, apps builders, and consumers about the future of AR. It is beginning to spark creativity by bringing drawings to life on apps. We expect to see brands to start experimenting more with AR and in different ways, from retail outlets enriching customer shopping to travel agencies facilitating bookings.


The final video trend for 2017 is Live streaming on platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live. It is quickly becoming a popular way to engage with clients. However, live streaming is still in its infancy stage and has not taken off. We expect to see a number of new live streaming platforms that provide better content and faster connection speeds. The advancements in live stream technologies will encourage more companies and brands to integrate live streaming into their marketing mix.


Providing positive customer experience and service means leveraging the power of technology. Consumers want to move from mass product to individual and personalized product and service. Chatbots seems to be the answer. They seem to know your likes, dislikes, and needs and can guide you on where you want to go (from eating to shopping)

Believe it or not, chatbots have been around for decades. Even with rapid development, chatbots are, at best, still imperfect. But in 2017, we’re expecting chatbots to improve significantly and to be used in new ways and could still dominate the future of messaging apps.


Companies tend to use viewability to measure success. While companies focus on attracting eyes, it does not always get consumers to buy. The focus with zero-budget marketing (yet another trend for 2017 and 2018) companies is moving to performance-based metrics. We get away from clicks or views to focus on purchases or downloads.

The technology is getting more sophisticated, and data analysis needs are greater than ever. “Interpretation” of data is coming to age.

To focus on business objectives, agencies must go beyond CPMs in favor of performance-based metrics. Additionally, the industry needs to develop reliable attribution models to help connect the dots for marketers. Attribution technology is improving, but it is not foolproof.


As a conclusion and final trend we want to add the fact that “Everything is Content” is continuing to grow. We are all so much aware that marketing trends come and go, but one thing is sure: sharing Storified content is in everyone’s daily life, so be sure your company and brand play into this.

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Sebastian Matoso is Co-CEO of Social Seeder, passionate about the Social Media ecosystem and the power of Word-of-Mouth. Sebastian is also a fan of startups, thus when not at work he is exploring new disruptive ideas and models or bringing his family to explore new frontiers.