We are always looking for ways to improve our platform and trying to add new features to help you make the most of your advocacy programme. This week, we are very happy to announce the addition of a new network to our social media mix. We are talking about Xing, the leading professional network in German-speaking countries.

From now on, besides LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest and email, ambassadors will be able to share content in the German professional network. This is a great addition for all our German, Swiss and Austrian clients and for everyone trying to reach people in those areas.


Seeding Page with Xing


About Xing

Xing is the leading online business network in German-speaking countries, with more than 14 million members. Workers from every industry use Xing to connect with one another, to look for jobs, new hires, projects, cooperation partners, expert advice and business ideas.


Xing Facts and Figures
Source: Xing

Xing offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features. As in LinkedIn, basic memberships are free, but many core functions for recruitment or social selling like messaging people to whom one is not already connected can only be accessed by the premium members.


Why should you allow your ambassadors to share in XING?

Founded in 2003 in Hamburg, Germany, Xing is the leading network in the DACH region, D – Deutsch (Germany), A – Österreich (Austria), CH – Schweiz (Switzerland), and is, therefore, suitable for members who are mainly active in German-speaking countries.

Xing the German LinkedIn, so to speak. If you have ambassadors in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, or you are trying to reach out to people in these areas, you should definitely consider adding Xing to your social media mix and open this network to your ambassadors.


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