Understanding Employee Ambassadorship in just one hour.

You don’t even have to leave your office

This summer, Social Seeder is coming to you. Let’s get together and have an inspiring workshop about Employee Ambassadorship, based on a 15-minute intake. During the workshop, you will get actionable tips and tricks that are tailor-made to your challenges, such as:

  • How to set up a well-performing ambassadorship program
  • How to recruit via your ambassadors 
  • How to create impact with your ambassador program throughout the whole organization
  • How to create impact with your ambassadors via relevant content

The workshop is ideally for HR decision-makers and senior level of companies between 250 and 5000 employees. 

The advantages of having an ambassador program 


Increased brand loyalty

This loyalty extends to both ambassadors and customers of a brand. By building a community with the help of your ambassadors, it positions a brand as an authentic cornerstone of the community while helping them engage and retain customers.


Attract the best talent

By engaging your co-workers in the war for talent, you not only save time and money but you also have access to a huge talent pool by opening the door to inactive job seekers. Retention rate is typically better and you will mainly receive qualified candidates.


Retain top talent

Employee advocacy supports employer branding, the initial quality of candidate hires, and then engages employees in a sustainable way. They feel a stronger bond to their organisation's mission and purpose, making them more effective brand ambassadors.