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Bruno Peeters │ Marketing Expert at Belfius Bank

Social Seeder allowed Belfius to stimulate employees to spread messages on their social media channels […] It is a very attractive solution for us in supporting employee advocacy.

Bruno Peeters │ Marketing Expert at Belfius Bank
Robin Sacre│Marketing Expert at Proximus

We always want to be close to our customers, that’s what we stand for as a Proximus employees. Social Seeder gives us the opportunity to get closer to our customers through social media as well.

Robin Sacre│Marketing Expert at Proximus
Peter Moedt│Marketing Expert at Nuon

Social Seeder makes sharing so much easier. And above that, I love the fact that this software makes it possible to see the impact of all of my colleagues’ social shares. This is not only very valuable to our organization, but it’s fun for them as well: the gamification element surely adds to the experience.”

Peter Moedt│Marketing Expert at Nuon
Karen Walgraeve │ Online Media Expert at Rode Kruis - Vlaanderen

Whether we are communicating about disasters or, closer to home, about the urgent need of blood donors: as an NGO it’s very important that our message gets spread in a fast and easy way. Thanks to Social Seeder we can count on hundreds of employees, volunteers and fans to do this.

Karen Walgraeve │ Online Media Expert at Rode Kruis – Vlaanderen
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What is an ambassador?

An ambassador, or advocate, is a person who represents your brand or product because she feels an authentic bond with it and wishes to spread the word about it.

Are ambassadors included in the platform?

No, we don’t work directly with ambassadors. However, we can help you identify and recruit your potential ambassadors.

Is this similar to influencer marketing?

Influencers are people you pay to promote your brand. Ambassadors are people who choose to promote your brand.

Why should I start an ambassador programme?

92% of the people trust information coming from their peers, rather than from any form of advertising. Creating an ambassador programme will help you spread your message through your ambassadors’ voice.

What can Social Seeder be used for?

Social Seeder is mostly used for marketing, social selling, event promotion, employee advocacy, recruiting, internal communication, and fundraising.

How can I get started?

Getting started with Social Seeder couldn’t be easier. We offer complete support and help you set your ambassador programme from the beginning.