Never before there were so many open job offers in Belgium as in the month of January. In total, employers are looking for more than 41.000 new employees, most of the times for technical profiles and leading functions (Source In Dutch).

Employee advocacy is a great asset for your company’s recruiting strategy. Think about it, what better way to promote and market your company than through your employees’ voice? Your employees are the most authentic and trustworthy voice of your brand and they also know people who have the right skills and will be successful in your company.

More and more companies are realising this and including employee advocacy in their recruitment strategies. Take a look at these two use cases from two of our clients:


The Dataflow Talent Wars:

Dataflow is an IT consultancy company from Belgium and they were looking to recruit two new colleagues for the HR department. It had to be fast and at a low cost.

Instead of going for a traditional recruitment method, DataFlow decided to go for a more creative solution based on word of mouth marketing and employee advocacy.

They created a landing page with vacancies and shared it with 40 of their employees. To boost participation, they added a sparkle of gamification by creating different teams named under their beloved Star Wars characters (Yoda Team, Skywalker team, etc.). Then, Dataflow offered team building budget for those who got more engagement in Social Media.

And, voilà: let the Talent Wars begin!

Talent Wars - Employee Advocacy Case Study

As a result, the job offer got more than 2,000 visits and they were able to recruit the two new teammates in less than 3 weeks at almost no cost.


The young professionals at Belfius

Belfius was looking for new ways to attract young talent and getting the message to the right people was not always easy. Their goal with employee advocacy was to create awareness among young people and hire a new badge of young professionals for the bank.

First, Belfius identified their young proud employees and asked them to become ambassadors. Then they invited some of these young professionals and advocates of the company for a photo shooting and used their faces to in a promotional campaign.

Finally, they shared the campaign with their new ambassadors, whose face was on the cover of the campaign and asked them to share it on their networks.

As a result, there was a very noticeable increase in young applicators confirmed by the HR department and a great improvement in the relationship between the young advocates and the bank.



  • The recruitment market is becoming very competitive.
  • Your employees are a great asset to put your open positions out there and get the right candidates
  • Employee advocacy has proven to be a great way of hiring top talent.


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