Brand Advocacy in B2B environments: Learnings from a Belgian company


B2B marketing is about developing trust and building relationships in your industry and developing brand ambassadors as part of your digital B2B marketing strategy is a smart way to do so.

Awingu knows this, that’s why they created an ambassador programme with their employees, partners and clients. It has been around a year now and they have a bag full of great results, failures and, above all, learnings. Next Wednesday, February 7th, Awingu wants to share their experience and learnings with you. Are you in?

In this webinar we’ll go through: 

  • The challenges that made Awingu start an ambassador programme.

  • The strategic process, recruitment strategies and roll-out.

  • Main results and evaluation of the ambassador programme.

  • Most important learnings.

  • Future vision and aims for the development of the programme.

Download now: