Social media marketing is becoming an indispensable asset for most businesses. It gives the outside world some insides in your company and it’s an excellent channel to promote your services, products or organizational news.

However, reaching the desired audience without spending a good amount of money on advertising is becoming more and more difficult. This is a problem that many companies face, probably your as well.

A large part of the solution can be found inside your company, in your employees. Yes, as easy as that. 

Employee advocacy can be a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand and it provides a bigger reach and higher reliability than any form of advertising.

As it has been shown year after year the Edelman trust barometer report, employees are perceived as the most trusted source of information by most consumers.


So how do you get your employees to be active on social media and help you improve your social media performance? In this post, we give you 4 tips to engage with your employees and motivate them to share your content on social media.


1. Allow your employees to use social media during working hours

Instead of penalizing them for using it, encourage them to explore and post during the day ( as long as it does not interfere with their productivity). Companies that are more relaxed on social media during working hours tend to find that employees are less likely to abuse the privilege.

Your employees are on social media during their working hours. If they can’t access it on their computer they will use their mobile phones.


Studies have shown that employees can tweet, pin and share content and still perform at peak levels – maybe even more productive than the ones that are not on social media.

In addition, this will also create trust between employees and employer and employees will be more willing to post company-related posts on their personal channels. The more valued and trusted they feel, the more they will want to contribute to the company’s success.


2. Provide education and training on social media

To become effective advocates, employees should receive basic training on things such as setting up their profiles, privacy settings, and the company’s social media guidelines.

Once basics are covered, you can get some more advanced training. It’s also advisable to provide them with the latest trends, such as upcoming platforms. 

Most employees are looking for a way to increase their skill set, providing them with this training will help them develop their professional skill set. It helps them acquire new competencies and it also provides your company with a strong foundation of experienced professionals.


3. Provide your employees with easily shareable content.

Give your employees a head start by providing them with quality content. Using an employee advocacy platform makes this step easy, as it provides preapproved company content.

You can create your own social media posts with prefilled text, so your employees don’t have to worry about coming up with an appealing catchphrase or image.

Making it easy to share is an essential step for engagement and success.


4. Start a little competition

There is nothing like a friendly competition to motivate people.

Creating individual or group based contests around who shares the most, the one that gets the most likes, will help you increase participation.

You can also track the performance and provide rewards or prizes for the top performers. Careful with this, though! You want to motivate people to participate, not discourage people who don’t get so good results. Every share counts and everyone should feel thanked.

A good way to avoid this problem is to organise a random act of kindness. Instead of always rewarding top performers try to raffle some rewards randomly so that all your advocates have the same chances to receive a little prize.

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  • Employees can be your best ally to improve your social media performance.
  • People put more trust in recommendations they get from someone they know.
  • Trusting your employees is key. Allow them to use social media in a productive way.
  • Your content should be easy to share, an employee advocacy platform can help you do this.
  • Provide training and create a strong foundation for your company of experienced professionals.
  • Track the performance of your employees and reward the top performers.


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