Yesterday, June 1st, we finally launched our new platform Social Seeder 2.0. Hooray!! We were so proud to have unveiled Social Seeder 2.0 that we did not want this day to end. Clients, partners, agencies, friends and family members came to celebrate this big moment with us and we had such a wonderful time. Thanks everyone for coming!

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Today we are already up to our next challenge: getting higher traction here in Belgium and abroad as well. “Social Seeder 2.0 is a cornerstone for us. As it is not only a big step with regards to user experience, technology, and features, it is also a sign Social Seeder has grown to a global player.” says co-founder Dado Van Peteghem.

Social Seeder is an online platform for organisations to easily engage with ambassadors and pro-actively share content through social media. “Why trying to talk to millions of potential clients to only reach a few, and when it is possible to talk to a few to reach millions.”, says CEO Patrick De Pauw. “By asking them to share content with their social network, you don’t only engage with them you also generate organic and hyper-credible reach. Plus with Social Seeder 2.0 we took the best of both worlds, user needs, and ambassador expectations, that everyone gets his share our of the equation.”

Our new platform has been built on 4 main elements: Recruitment, Activation, Engagement and Harvesting, 4 elements that represent the unique way to strategize and to deploy an ambassador program in an organisation while addressing the changing communications landscape.

Social Seeder Ambassador Framework

With close to 100,000 campaigns shared and 300,000 ambassadors using Social Seeder we built a massive experience to deliver innovative technology, inspiration and premium support with exponential impact. Today several large organisations have already given it a whirl as they understand the power of ambassadors and we have many more in our pipe.

Sebastian Matoso, Co-CEO of Social Seeder and responsible for the global expansion added “We knew we had a good product as the number of organisations with which we signed contracts continued to grow. Given our ambitions and all the customer feedback we received in the last years, we had all the ingredients to gear things up. So we went from 1.0 to 2.0 in everything we do.” We take this growth phase very seriously and call it “WIN 2.0” which means if the client, the ambassador or the network wins Social Seeder does as well. In the end, this is what makes us get out of bed every day and sometimes not going too as well.

We at Social Seeder believe in an all-in-one ambassador marketing software that gives organisations a simple way to connect with ambassadors. Today more than 170 organisations use our software, including companies like Proximus, ING, Orange, BMW and Securex and more than 20 agencies are part of the Social Seeder network. Those are big figures and big names. We don’t say them because we are arrogant, that is certainly not our style, we say them because we are proud, super proud!

To all our clients, partners, friends and family thank you for your support and your love. We owe you one for sure!

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