Social Seeder wins HEINEKEN‘s first edition of “HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse” in Singapore in the category ‘Employee Engagement’! Social Seeder presented the winning pitch, leaving competitors Appreiz and EngageRocket behind.

It all starts with an e-mail

How did we end up winning HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse you might ask. As in most cases, it all started with an e-mail.

Our sales director Bart Vermeir got an email from HEINEKEN, informing us about their new HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse event:

The HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse is the first in its kind, inviting tech players from around the world to take part in coming up with solutions to real-world HR challenges.”

Enough said! As one of the leading employer branding tools in Europe, we definitely had to enter this contest!

First edition of HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse

It’s the first time HEINEKEN is organizing this event. Together with Accenture and TNW X, they’ve set up HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse as a platform for tech companies to showcase their unique HR solutions.

Even though it’s their first time to organize this event, HEINEKEN received an overwhelming amount of applications. Over a 100 companies entered the competition, resulting in a total of 143 applications.

With this amount of applications, the selection committee had a difficult task ahead of them. They had to choose 3 companies across four pre-defined HR challenges.

Four real-life HR challenges

As you might have guessed, these four challenges weren’t picked by gut-feeling. The HEINEKEN team carefully selected challenges that are based on real-life HR problems. This way, they were able to check whether the solutions presented can actually make things better in the workplace.

Let’s take a look at the four challenges:

Challenge 1: Improving the recruitment process

This might be one of the greatest challenges companies are facing today. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Finding the perfect candidate to come work in your company is a big challenge for many HR professionals. And not all organizations have optimized their recruitment process. The ideal solution should make things better for both the candidate and the recruiter.

The finalists:

  • Mya Systems
  • SmartDreamers
  • SAP

Challenge 2: Making the on-boarding process seamless

When you’re starting a new job or switching jobs at your firm, you should enjoy a seamless on-boarding process. Forget the hassle of asking questions because no one told you! As HEINEKEN stated: this is one of the largest challenges. Therefore, they would love to hear from tech innovations how to tackle this challenge.

The finalists:

  • Peoplewave
  • BrioHR
  • Appical

Challenge 3: Drawing insights from employee feedback and improve their well-being

It’s no surprise that companies are struggling with the balance between productive employees and happy employees. Especially when there’s technology involved! Finding the balance to engage your employees without asking too much from them, is super important. We therefore believe that having a strong community within your organization not only makes your employees happier. It also helps them to be more productive.

The finalists:

  • Social Seeder
  • Appreiz
  • EngageRocket

Challenge 4: Wildcard solutions within HR

This isn’t a challenge, as it is more a wildcard category. In addition to the three previous challenges, HEINEKEN wanted to be surprised by innovative solutions so they’ve kept this category open for all companies. The only criterium was that they actually solve problems that HR professionals are facing today.

The finalists:

  • BetterUp
  • Snaphunt
  • Pulsifi

The prize: a pilot in Asia-Pacific

Our team was excited when we heard that our pitch had won the contest. First of all, because it is a huge opportunity to pitch our solution in front of a jury of HEINEKEN HR & IT executives. But secondly, because we are receiving a big prize!

It’s no monetary prize, but it’s something of greater value: it’s a pilot of our platform!

This is a huge opportunity for us, as we’re gearing up for international expansion. The pilot will be launched with HEINEKEN Singapore. This means that we’re taking a step closer towards our international goals, without a doubt!

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