Word-Of-Mouth In The Digital Era


Word-of-mouth has been around ever since man has been around. In the beginning there was only face-to-face communication followed by written letters and phone calls. Now in the digital age we have been seeing people using social media to express their emotions, thoughts, experiences and needs and with that way of expression word-of-mouth is becoming more and more digital.

So word-of-mouth occurs everywhere where people get together for many reasons and are often very personal. On social media these conversations are mostly public and have positive and negative effects on brands. And as we all know word-of-mouth moves fast, which is why brands must monitor these conversations.

On the other hand more people are using social media and that “word-of-mouth habit” as a means to get information or disseminate information. Hence the opportunity for brands to create positive vibes using word-of-mouth: aka getting ambassadors speak for you!

Word-of-mouth marketing is a not only a connected phenomenon but also includes offline marketing because we still live in an Human-to-Human world.



People are more easily influenced by family members, friends and than they are from brands themselves. More exactly 83% says friends & family are most influential to their behaviour. So in this digital era people will go one step further and even rely upon the advice of complete strangers when it comes to pre-purchase advice and brand information. It is said that 60% of the purchasing cycle is filled with word-of-mouth. So here again a good reason for a brand to activate its ambassadors and establish an ambassadorship marketing strategy.


“60% of the purchasing cycle is filled with word-of-mouth.”


Let’s take a look at why do people spread word-of-mouth? Simply because people want to look good, belong to a group of people, stand out in a crowd or just share experiences. Therefore when leveraged intelligently, word-of-mouth makes a powerful weapon for marketers and the brands they represent.

However, generating word of mouth is not without effort. Remember, if a customer has a good experience, they may tell a friend, but if they have a bad experience, they will tell it to more people for longer. Getting the good message out there takes some work on the brand’s end, but is well worth it for the brand. This activation can be done through the use of a tools such as Social Seeder which allow brands to recruit, activate and harvest ambassadors’ digital word-of-mouth.

As a conclusion digital word-of-mouth and ambassadorship marketing are becoming key to the future success of businesses and need to be considered as communication channels in both B2C and B2B. Have a look at this case to see how this compnay did it: Marker’s Mark case

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Sebastian Matoso is Co-CEO of Social Seeder, passionate about the Social Media ecosystem and the power of Word-of-Mouth. Sebastian is also a fan of startups, thus when not at work he is exploring new disruptive ideas and models or bringing his family to explore new frontiers.