Creating more engegement with an employee advocacy program

Facilicom wanted to engage with their employees with an employee advocacy program. And they were looking for a tool that also could support them in their marketing campaigns.

They believed that Social Seeder could create the required impact they needed.


Facilicom had 2 clear objectives with Social Seeder:

  • Create more engagement via an employee advocacy program.

  • Drive traffic to our website via meaningful content and promoting relevant internal and external communications. Both for Belgium as The Netherlands.

Clicks generated per ambassador
understanding of workforce

Facilicom Group skyrockets its website traffic


At the moment, they have more than 400 ambassadors, 40% of which are active. Facilicom is sending, on average, 2 campaigns per month to different segments of their ambassadors.

They are quite happy with the current results they are obtaining through Social Seeder. Sometimes, some campaigns don’t perform as well as they would like, but this is great feedback from our employees. It helps them understand what type of content their workforce wants and what they believe is interesting for their network. It works as a filter between us and our external audience.

They definitely notice that some types of content perform better and some subjects do better than others.

For example, the campaign “Facilicom Group number 1 on MT500-list” is an example of a successful campaign that has been very well received by their ambassadors.

The results were very positive. The 67 employees shared the campaign on 1,2 social media channels on average and they helped to drive around 846 people to their website; almost 12,62 people per ambassador.


Facilicom Group has been in existence for more than 50 years and specializes in providing facility services. Since 2014, Facilicom Group has also been active in the healthcare domain.

The 31.000 employees are working from 4 countries and have +50 years of expertise together.