Using Social Seeder as a sales and social selling tool

Orange Belgium wanted to improve their B2B communication and use the power of their ambassadors for sales and social selling. The initial goal was to mainly use Social Seeder as a distribution platform to share quality content with their community of (sales) employees.


They did this by making a selection of important people from different teams – marketing, sales, support and more - and informed them that they would be uploaded in the program as their power ambassadors.


Together with Social Seeder, 3 objectives were defined:

  • Start an employee advocacy program.
  • Strengthen their reputation as an employer.
  • Improve the B2B communication
People reached
#ProudToBeOrange as an internal brand
internal communication

Orange launched #ProudToBeOrange as their employee advocacy program.


First Stage

At first, Social Seeder was launched to share quality content with the sales team (and in extension the rest of the teams).

This quickly resulted in a higher awareness on social media.  Because of this Orange decided to implement Social Seeder even further in their organization.

Second stage

Today, Orange uses Social Seeder for employee advocacy and employer branding. For this, they started their #ProudToBeOrange program throughout the entire company.

They recruited their ambassadors in different ways: 

  • For existing employees, Orange launched their #ProudToBeOrange program on the 13th of February and this was announced by the CEO on an internal event. At the event, employees could already subscribe to become part of the program.

    After the event, Orange send out reminders that people could become an ambassador for Orange.

    And since then, Orange has a banner on their intranet called ‘Plaza’ which goes to a dedicated page where employees can subscribe to be part of the program. On this page, Orange has a few educational videos about what it means to be an ambassador and how everything works. And besides that, they already share some results on this page.

  • For new employees that are working at the company for one month, Orange organizes a ‘Hello Day’. On this day they are informed about #ProudToBeOrange and have a chance to subscribe as an ambassador. 

Sharing content with the community

Orange has different types of content from HR to marketing and sales. But one thing caught our eye… "Stories from the team".

Orange chose 20 brand champions as a part of #ProudToBeOrange. These 20 people already shared quality content on their own social media channels that already was on brand and had great value for the community of Orange. Now, Orange reshares this content with the name ‘Stories from the team’.

And because of Social Seeder, it was easy to share these different types of content.

At the moment Orange focusses on three channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Orange Belgium is a leading telecommunications operator on the Belgian market with over 3 million customers. They provide mobile telecommunications services, internet and TV to private clients as well as innovative mobile and fixed-line services to businesses.

Orange Belgium is a subsidiary of the Orange Group. Orange Belgium is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange (OBEL).