Increasing the brand ambassadors to increase global reach

SD Worx uses Social Seeder mostly for marketing purposes but they are working together with the HR department to start using it for recruitment as well.


SD Worx had 3 clear objectives with Social Seeder:

  • The first is to reach 500 ambassadors by the end of this year (2018).
  • The second one is to get people to share our content and increase visits to our website.
  • Our third goal is to deal with the changes social networks are making to their algorithms. Posts from family and friends are being prioritised over branded content and it is becoming extremely difficult to position content organically. With an employee advocacy programme, our ambassadors can help us spread our content on their personal channels and gain visibility on social media.
People reached
Visitors on website

SD Worx overcomes social network algorithm with ambassador program


At the moment they have more than 500 ambassadors in Belgium, 80% of which were active during the last month. They are sending, on average, four different campaigns per month to different segments of their ambassadors and the results, for the moment, have been great.

At the moment, they are only recruiting internal ambassadors but they’ve already had requests from external people to become ambassadors.

They are very happy with the progress because most ambassadors have come from one recruitment effort where they went around the New Year's Reception with an iPad explaining to their colleagues what becoming an ambassador entails.

Since then, they have placing posters around the office to create more awareness.

They have also run a campaign to thank all their current ambassadors with little peppermint boxes branded as their ambassador programme: “SD Worx ambassador power mints” and “Proud to be SD Worx ambassador”. This way they try to create some internal buzz to attract more people join up for the programme.

They are expecting to recruit at least 500 of our employees to become SD Worx ambassadors.

Best Campaign

One of their best performing campaigns was “Belonen zonder extra loonkosten”, which in English means “Reward without extra labor costs”.

This campaign contained a very interesting blogpost with different ways for employers to offer more net to their employees, without burdening their budget.

The post became really popular and the results of the campaign were great!

This campaign was sent in two languages: Dutch and French to address our ambassadors in their own language.

From the 142 invitees, more than 60% of them shared the content generating 133 shares, which means that many of them shared the post on more than one social media channel.

The campaign generated a reach of around 16,134 people and 800 unique hits. This means that each person who shared the campaign drove around 10 people to our content.


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