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Employee engagement is a critical driver of business success in today’s competitive marketplace. High levels of engagement improve organizational performance in many ways. However, unusual working conditions and personal uncertainty during the COVID-19 crisis has left workers somewhat disconnected.

When employees work remotely, it is challenging to keep teams motivated and maintain good collaboration. During a crisis, harmonious work relations depend on (re)establishing the personal intimacy between employer and employee.

It’s worth your time to focus on building the relationship between you and your team members through frequent, meaningful communication.

Patrick De Pauw Founder of Social Seeder
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Social Seeder is a diverse, dynamic team of enthusiastic people from all over the world.

Patrick De Pauw Patrick De Pauw

Patrick De Pauw

CEO & founder

I once wanted to become an astronaut, look where I landed :)

Claire Selis Claire Selis

Claire Selis

Managing Director

Invest in leaders instead of bitcoins.

Bart Vanderstukken Bart Vanderstukken

Bart Vanderstukken


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Bram Bram 2

Bram Van Laar

Customer Success Manager

2x Olympic gold medallist

William van der Vennet William van der Vennet
William van der Vennet

Business Development Manager

Always happy to talk about employee advocacy and how to engage your workforce!

Thomas Van Roy Thomas Van Roy

Thomas Van Roy

Backend developer

If your computer is frozen, why not let it go cause for the first time in forever some things never change.

Lucas De Pauw Lucas De Pauw

Lucas De Pauw

Product Owner

Winner of the 2022 Social Seeder Cup. I also do product stuff when I'm not busy being a champion.

Marie-Line Verhelst Marie-Line Verhelst

Marie-Line Verhelst

Customer Success Agent

What I love about my job is helping my clients implement and grow their ambassador programs in the best way possible

Jens Van Cauter Jens Van Cauter
Jens Van Cauter

Customer Success Agent

I'm a straightforward person who is always looking to make his clients happy.

Felix Oduro Felix Oduro

Felix Oduro

Front end developer

If the variable is constant, why is it a variable?

Stein Back Stein front

Stein Gullentops

Digital Sales & Marketing Manager

As owner of fish.digital, always looking for a new digital challenge. 

Hand with marker writing We Are Hiring

Work hard, Play hard


The evolution of the Social Seeder platform

  1. 1

    Social Seeder was launched in January 2013. At the outset, it had basic social media sharing features. It was meant to engage people naturally close to an organization (employees, clients, fans or any important business relationship) as powerful online ambassadors. Organizations that wanted to amplify their messages through their ambassadors’ social networks could buy credits to send Social Seeder campaigns to their fanbase. It was designed to promote social selling and extend the marketing reach, but with only top-down communication in mind.

  2. 2

    We quickly understood that ambassadorship is about more than asking people to share messages. Ambassadorship is not a given. It is something that needs to be earned by the organization. Therefore, we moved away from the credit system to a subscription model. This allowed us to onboard and train organizations in cultivating brand ambassadorship. Our focus shifted from providing a mere tool to helping companies implement all aspects of an ambassador program. This ultimately lead to better results for Social Seeder clients.

  3. 3

    At the beginning of our journey, our clients’ engagement efforts largely focused on making evangelists out of customers, widely considered the most authentic and valuable spokespeople. But while enterprises reached out to these external parties, the best potential advocates were hiding in plain sight: their own employees. Our data confirmed this: employees were amongst the best performing ambassadors from the get-go. They had by far the highest engagement rates.

  4. 4

    In 2018, an evolution towards employer branding emerged. As employees willingly posted about their workplace - whether to recruit new co-workers or highlight various events within their company - Social Seeder resonated with a growing number of HR teams. Authentic conversations became essential.

  5. 5

    By 2019, most HR teams started to see that the strategic insight and methodology Social Seeder offered was not just a budget “nice to have” but a must. We saw Social Seeder gradually become a new internal communications tool in many companies. As one-way communication doesn’t cut it when it comes to engaging employees, we’ve been slowly moving towards a bi-directional platform, predominantly designed to foster employee advocacy within companies. However, some companies run effective ambassador programs via Social Seeder too.

  6. 6

    Over the years, our tool evolved into a platform, with more and more features and options for third-party integrations to enhance functionality. The huge dataset we have built up throughout our years of existence allows us to give valuable insights into the success factors that make good communication. In the future, we will increasingly use data to support managers in determining their ROI.

  7. 7

    Our big dataset will ultimately allow us to inject artificial intelligence (AI) into the platform. AI can process a large amount of data and hand out valuable suggestions to further improve communication. However, to keep messaging authentic, we will never allow AI to take over the conversation. AI will solely be used to create an intelligent assistant. Follow us and discover when we'll enable our AI-assistent.