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History of the business

How Social Seeder came to life

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    It’s the kind of story met with, "No, way!" or "That’s crazy," but it’s still true. Founder Patrick De Pauw was invited to a lunch at Google headquarters. Some of the other guests? Then-President Barack Obama and Richard Branson to name a few. At the time, Patrick had spent nearly 30 years in the travel marketing industry, forming relationships and connections - one of whom invited him to this select roundtable.

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    On the flight home, Patrick reflected on the power of connections. In travel, he had seen that other people’s opinion was more influential than most marketing tools. As ads got more expensive and algorithms more unpredictable, Patrick decided to focus on the one thing that consistently worked: word-of-mouth.

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    Once he returned, Patrick promptly developed a concept around connections, social media being the obvious starting point. In reviewing online posts, likes, and discussions, he noticed people happily act as de facto ambassadors for things they like: a destination, brand, cause, or organization. They do it without wanting money for it. Often without even realizing it.

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    After mapping out specific ways to capture the untapped ambassador goodwill, Patrick joined forces with friends Jo Caudron and Dado Van Peteghem, who worked on a compatible idea that became Social Seeder in 2013. In 2020, Social Seeder had 16 full-time employees and 250+ customers worldwide.

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    To this day, Patrick never says no to a lunch opportunity because you never know who will be there at the table - or what idea it might inspire later.

The evolution of the Social Seeder platform

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    Social Seeder was launched in January 2013. At the outset, it had basic social media sharing features. It was meant to engage people naturally close to an organization (employees, clients, fans or any important business relationship) as powerful online ambassadors. Organizations that wanted to amplify their messages through their ambassadors’ social networks could buy credits to send Social Seeder campaigns to their fanbase. It was designed to promote social selling and extend the marketing reach, but with only top-down communication in mind.

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    We quickly understood that ambassadorship is about more than asking people to share messages. Ambassadorship is not a given. It is something that needs to be earned by the organization. Therefore, we moved away from the credit system to a subscription model. This allowed us to onboard and train organizations in cultivating brand ambassadorship. Our focus shifted from providing a mere tool to helping companies implement all aspects of an ambassador program. This ultimately lead to better results for Social Seeder clients.

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    At the beginning of our journey, our clients’ engagement efforts largely focused on making evangelists out of customers, widely considered the most authentic and valuable spokespeople. But while enterprises reached out to these external parties, the best potential advocates were hiding in plain sight: their own employees. Our data confirmed this: employees were amongst the best performing ambassadors from the get-go. They had by far the highest engagement rates.

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    In 2018, an evolution towards employer branding emerged. As employees willingly posted about their workplace - whether to recruit new co-workers or highlight various events within their company - Social Seeder resonated with a growing number of HR teams. Authentic conversations became essential.

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    By 2019, most HR teams started to see that the strategic insight and methodology Social Seeder offered was not just a budget “nice to have” but a must. We saw Social Seeder gradually become a new internal communications tool in many companies. As one-way communication doesn’t cut it when it comes to engaging employees, we’ve been slowly moving towards a bi-directional platform, predominantly designed to foster employee advocacy within companies. However, some companies run effective ambassador programs via Social Seeder too.

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    Over the years, our tool evolved into a platform, with more and more features and options for third-party integrations to enhance functionality. The huge dataset we have built up throughout our years of existence allows us to give valuable insights into the success factors that make good communication. In the future, we will increasingly use data to support managers in determining their ROI.

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    Our big dataset will ultimately allow us to inject artificial intelligence (AI) into the platform. AI can process a large amount of data and hand out valuable suggestions to further improve communication. However, to keep messaging authentic, we will never allow AI to take over the conversation. AI will solely be used to create an intelligent assistant. Check out our release plan if you are curious where we are heading next with our platform

Our team

Meet our team members

Social Seeder is a diverse, dynamic team of enthusiastic people from all over the world: Brazil, USA, Croatia, Italy, Greece etc.

Patrick-De-Pauw Patrick-De-Pauw

Patrick De Pauw

Founder & CEO

Chief Evangelical Officer. Patrick is a frequent and enthusiastic public speaker on ambassadorship. During the rare moments he is not working, he is probably taking back-to-back spinning classes.


Kristof Drossaert

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Kristof is the engineer of the organisation, he co-designs and builds the solid foundation and structure upon which the company can grow and flourish.

Meet Kristof


Bram Huyghe

Inside Sales & Account Director

Bram uses data to create (employer) branding strategies that overlap business goals and internal culture to drive brand awareness and image. He loves building strong relationships between employees and external potential.

Meet Bram

nahima mayouche

Nahima Mayouche

International Business Development Manager

Nahima is in charge of the strategic positioning of Social Seeder in the French speaking countries.


Jonada Kaloshi

Head of Customer Experience and Inside Sales

Jonada is an enthusiastic, result-driven person with a background in several areas within a company.

Marie-Line Verhelst

Marie-Line Verhelst

Customer Success Member

Marie-Line is a dynamic and sociable person for whom customer satisfaction is essential. In her spare time, she loves's photography as a passion.

Meet Marie-Line


Jens Van Cauter

Customer Success Member

Jens is a straightforward person who always wants to create the best relationship with his clients. In his spare time, he likes to organize events and taste new beers.

Meet Jens


Filip Galetic

Growth Marketing Manager

Filip's calling is helping B2B scale-ups get more qualified leads and close more sales through a cross-funnel marketing strategy and working closely with sales and customer success - precisely what his mission is in Social Seeder.

Meet Filip


Katerina Topalidou

Marketing Communications Manager

A serial expat, Katerina ensures brand consistency across the organisation and handles day-to-day communication tasks. 


Marcella Rosenberg

Product Owner

With a customer centric approach, Marcella's mission is to ensure that we're always delivering the most valuable solution for our users.

Meet Marcella


Fabio Bernardi

UI/UX Designer

With a background in graphic design, Fabio is an enthusiastic UI/UX designer with 15+ years of experience in designing engaging and user-friendly interfaces for websites and applications for both desktop and mobile.


Mathias Selleslach

Development Team Lead

Mathias loves working with flexible, motivated people who love a challenge and are not afraid of bettering themselves in what they do.


Robert Brown

Back-end developer

Web development is what Robert does. It's in his blood. His experience tells him what works. His knowledge tells him how it needs to be made. His "gut" tells him the rest.


Anna Theodoropoulou

Junior Front-end Developer

Anna makes sure that you can use the platform as it should be. With her eye for details, she ensures there are no bugs. You can find her taking photos in her spare time.