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Taking into account today’s superabundance of information, authentic and credible online communication is more important than ever. This is why we founded Social Seeder. In the meantime, we’re proud to announce that more than 150 national and international organisations are currently using Social Seeder for online marketing!

Creating the greatest possible impact by broadcasting messages to the widest audience possible is something we all want. Unfortunately, communication like this is often lost in the surplus availability of news items that we swipe and scroll through each and every day.

This is why Social Seeder uses a completely different approach. What we do is to help you find zealous ambassadors for your organisation and encourage them to share your messages with their network. The result? A modern version of word-of-mouth advertising with an average conversion rate that is ten times as high as that achieved by traditional social media campaigns.


Identify and recruit your ambassadors

Social Seeder helps you compile an extensive database of internal and/or external ambassadors. This convenient platform enables you to easily segment, organise and manage this network.

Compose your social media message

Decide which story you want to share and through which channels you would like your ambassadors to share it.


Ask your ambassadors to proactively share information on their favourite social media.

Convenient sharing

All it takes for your ambassadors to share your information is a single click of the mouse. It’s up to them to choose the most appropriate social media channels and whether or not to add a personal message.

your results

To measure is to know! Our live dashboard displays all the information you need to know about your campaign. From here on you can analyse views, clicks, reach, conversion rates and marketing values.

Optimize future campaigns

Based on this information, you can then adjust or streamline your future campaigns for maximum results.


Uw verhaal wordt gebracht op een gecontroleerde en engagerende manie

Your story is brought to a controlled and committed way

Nowadays, complicated algorithms determine more than ever what is being viewed, shared and liked on social media. As a result, only a limited percentage of your followers will, in fact, effectively see the information that you share as an organisation. Social Seeder ensures that your story will appear on social platforms. We will collaborate with you in a constant search for new ambassadors. This will guarantee rotation and renewal: briefly put, the wheels will never stop turning.

As you will have the opportunity to decide who will be the first to share every message, you will be able to set to work in a highly targeted manner. Because your ambassadors can also add a personal message to your notification, their network will also be prompted to read it with special attention. Thanks to the reliable networks maintained by your ambassadors your notifications on social media platforms will be disseminated and read by the right people.

Gerichter bereik, meer impact

More targeted reach, greater impact

Your organisation aims to convey its own unique message, vision and identity. Loyal customers, dedicated employees and enthusiastic fans consciously back your organisation’s story. Social Seeder is the number one platform to reach them and help them convey their enthusiasm and interest to a wide audience.

Persuade your internal and external contacts to become ambassadors for your organisation. We will then ensure that they share your content with their online network.

Notifications shared by ambassadors are considered three to six times more reliable than notifications communicated by an organisation (*). Not only will your message be shared in a more targeted manner, it will reach a wider audience and thus have greater impact. The click-through rate for Social Seeder campaigns is ten times that of traditional social media ads.

(*) Source: Keller-Fay Group - Article on Word of Mouth Advertising - April 2014

Wij houden uw sociale wiel draaiend

We keep your social wheel turning

Social Seeder not only ensures that your message is shared by loyal and trustworthy ambassadors; thanks to the credibility that is built up within various online communities and networks, your messages will be shared by many others and ultimately go viral.

Nielsen research (**) has shown that 83 per cent of all people are most strongly influenced in their purchasing behaviour by their direct social network. You can recruit new ambassadors non-stop through Social Seeder - and their numbers will only continue to grow! The value of your brand will continue to increase; your organisation will continue to grow; your employees will remain motivated, and your customers loyal.

(**): Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey - Q3 2015

Doelgericht selecteren en toegankelijke inzichten

Targeted selection and easily accessible insights

Social Seeder offers even more advantages. Not only can you select the most suitable ambassadors for individual campaigns, you can also minutely analyse the effects of your campaigns through your Social Seeder dashboard. Your dashboard will show you which ambassadors shared which notifications, and on which platforms, as well as the reach and conversion rates.

In conclusion, our Ambassador Marketing Value will enable you to compare the value of a Social Seeder campaign with a traditionally executed social media campaign. These insights will help you further streamline your Digital Word-of-Mouth approach.

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