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Employer Branding
Smart & Easy

Build a relevant corporate reputation on social media through your employees


What we do

We help you build the most successful employer program. Optimising the interaction between the ambassadors and their social network.

Turn employees into ambassadors

Turn employees into ambassadors

We offer an easy solution to ask your employees & fans to become your ambassadors without any gamification.

Create Impact on Social Media

Create Impact on Social Media

Spread your content through your ambassadors and increase your brand reach through digital word of mouth.

Learn, Adapt, Improve

Learn, Adapt, Improve

Social Seeder gives data based insights and creates benchmarks. That way you can continuously improve your results.

For Who

Employee advocacy for marketing

Boost your impact on social media, increase your organic reach and lower your paid advertising spend drastically.

Employee Advocacy for Social Selling
Social Selling

Give your commercial team the solution to become experts and generate leads.

Employee Advocacy for Employer Branding
Social Recruitment

Leverage your company’s values to attract and retain the right talent.

More than just a platform

More than just a platform

Social Seeder is an all-in-one employer branding solution to help you amplify your brand’s reach and social engagement. With our platform as a facilitator, we analyse your company’s needs and help you define an effective strategy, launch your employer branding programme and make sure it succeeds.

The technology

An easy-to-use platform to create your community and boost your content.

The human factor

Training, strategy and support to help you obtain the best results.

See how it works

An easy solution to get your colleagues to share your content and help you improve your reach and help you drive business.

Let’s talk about your specific needs and goals and how you can profit from employee advocacy.