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Social Seeder is an employee advocacy and social media engagement solution that gives your ambassadors
a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing your stories across their social networks.

Empower Your Ambassadors to Share Your Stories

  • For companies
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    Easily recruit your internal and external supporters and transform them into ambassadors.

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    Decide which story you want to share, select the channels and ask your ambassadors to proactively share information on their favourite social media.

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    Connect with your ambassadors and start to create strong and meaningful relationships with them.

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    Pick up the fruits of your word-of-mouth campaigns: social engagement is 8 times higher when stories come from ambassadors.

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    Remove any barriers for your supporters to become ambassadors. Allow them to join your ambassador program in just a few clicks.

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    Your ambassadors can easily share your stories with a single click.

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    Establish and build active relationships that are inaccessible through traditional communication channels.

  • Participate

    Ambassadors can log in on the platform to see the analytics of the campaigns, check their contributions, and even share those campaigns that they haven't shared yet.

This is what our clients say about us

Social Seeder allowed Belfius to stimulate employees to spread messages on their social media channels [...] It is a very attractive solution for us in supporting employee advocacy.

Bruno Peeters

Marketing Expert at Belfius Bank

We always want to be close to our customers, that’s what we stand for as a Proximus employees. Social Seeder gives us the opportunity to get closer to our customers through social media as well.

Robbin Sacre

Marketing Expert at Proximus

Social Seeder makes sharing so much easier. And above that, I love the fact that this software makes it possible to see the impact of all of my colleagues’ social shares. This is not only very valuable to our organization, but it’s fun for them as well: the gamification element surely adds to the experience.”

Peter Moedt

Marketing Expert at Nuon

We've been using Social Seeder for just over a year now. It's enabled us to activate hundreds of ambassadors, and through them reach over 300,000 people. This has more than doubled our overall social reach, beyond our 240k-strong fanbase, and allowed us to start building a long-term ambassador plan.

James Martin

Head of Social Media at Reed Reed Midem

Whether we are communicating about disasters or, closer to home, about the urgent need of blood donors: as an NGO it’s very important that our message gets spread in a fast and easy way. Thanks to Social Seeder we can count on hundreds of employees, volunteers and fans to do this.

Karen Walgraeve

Online Media Expert at Rode Kruis

As a preferred partner for Social Seeder we have the advantage to offer our customers a high level and efficient platform that makes use of Social Ambassadors. We see the social activation via brand lovers or ambassadors as an important next step to spread different messages to other individuals.

Nico Tempelaere

Managing Director at Just Agency

What do I, as an ambassador, find so great about Social Seeder? That it’s so user-friendly. You receive an e-mail containing a ready-to-go message that you can share with your own network via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn by simply pressing a button.

Heidi Wauters

Content Manager at Belfius Bank