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We help companies implement all aspects of an ambassador program, not just the platform. Social Seeder steps beyond offering a standalone software. It comes with consultancy in the box.
We’ll help you set up your advocacy program and support you to transform how your organization communicates. Our focus is on ensuring that the content you’re asking your employees to share on their social media profiles is relevant to them and their network. Due to the large data history we are able to give valuable insights on what type of content works and what doesn’t.
Our customer success team will provide you with advice, tips and sharing guides to help you and your organization thrive.

Our methodology at a glance

We onboard every customer with an initial, personalised workshop. Using our flagship canvas, we understand your organisation's needs and help you design the steps to success for your ambassador program. By not working with a direct reward system to encourage sharing, the data we have is authentic, not spoiled by alternative motivations. Employees engage out of pure interest and sympathy with their employer.

1. Recruit

Identify who your most important ambassadors are and onboard them into your ambassador program.

2. Activate

Send a campaign to your ambassadors for them to share in their personal network.

4. Harvest

Analyze the results of your campaign and use these results to further optimize your campaigns and attract new ambassadors.

3. Engage

Create a relationship with your ambassadors by asking them what they find interesting to share.

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Ambassador Program Canvas

We've created an ambassador program canvas that will help you to set up your own employee ambassador program.

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Our 460 customers worldwide are in different industries, ranging from SMEs to big corporates all with a different approach. They do, however, have one thing in common: they all want to build communities of ambassadors. Read their stories and join our roster of happy clients!
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We’d love to hear about your challenges and struggles.  During a 15-minute call, we listen to you and share with you our insights and knowledge we've built up through the years.  We guide you in finding a solution fitted to your challenges.