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Boost employee engagement with advocacy

Employee engagement

And how you can boost employee engagement with employee advocacy

In this fast-changing business world, retaining top talent has become a critical challenge for a lot of organizations. Besides that, 63,3% of companies say that retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them, making employee engagement another important challenge to face in 2020.

Employee engagement statistics
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What is employee engagement?

Investing in employee engagement is not just some hippie idea about employee happiness and satisfaction. It’s more than that.

There is a lot of different and conflicting information out there about employee engagement. But it has a lot to do with mental and emotional connections shown in commitment towards your company. 

We love this definition provided by Emma Bridger (Author of the book Employee Engagement):

“Employee engagement is defined by the willingness of your employees to continually go that extra mile for the company because you managed to make success a matter of personal pride for them.”

How employee advocacy can influence employee engagement

You may think that employee engagement and employee advocacy are 2 different things, but actually, they are very connected. After all, engaged employees are the best ambassadors your company can wish for: they are happy and satisfied at work, so they are more inclined to talk about your company in a positive light. 

On the other side (and now it becomes very interesting), successful advocacy programs can also help and boost employee engagement in your organization.

Thanks to employee engagement they feel more involved

They feel more involved in the company.

Research has proven that people who share and create company content, feel more connected to it. By sharing content on social media, your employees have the feeling that they are contributing and influencing the company’s success. This creates a sense of belonging. 
Thanks to employee engagement they feel more connected

They feel more connected with colleagues and leadership.

Employees say they feel more connected with the company and leadership because of the employee advocacy program.
Thanks to employee engagement they understand your mission better

They understand your company mission better.

An employee advocacy program drives greater alignment with the organization’s strategic initiatives. Did you know that only 51% of employees understand and support the strategy and mission of its employer? 

How Social Seeder can help you
drive employee engagement

Rolling out an employee advocacy program won't bring you overnight success. It's a long-term strategy that can improve your company culture & employee engagement over time.

Discover how Social Seeder can help you in this process:


  • 1-click-and-share platform to make it easy and convenient for your employees to share content
  • You stay in charge of the look & feel of the content
  • Track campaigns and learn which content performs better
  • Measure ROI by tracking URLs easily and find out which campaigns drive more sales
  • Monitor the efforts of your people: who is sharing, how many engagements and clicks is this generating, ...

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