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We made it easy for you

Social Seeder made it its core value to make the tool incredibly easy to use, leading to a high adoption rate. That is also our competitive advantage. We see customers choose Social Seeder over and over because our platform is simple throughout.
We allow companies to share their messages through our platform with their employees and ambassadors, without any training required. These employees can in turn share these messages in their own network and accross their social media profiles. This returns very valuable data insights on success ratio, content, interests, and more.

Social Seeder at a glance

Discover our Social Seeder platform.



1. Recruit your ambassadors

Recruit your internal and external supporters fast and easy, and transform them into advocates.  Your employees and fans won’t need any special training, or expertise in order to become ambassadors.


2. Create your campaign

Create your campaign and choose the desired channels you'd want your advocates to share it on.  Provide your campaign with a compelling image to increase the relevance and response.  All in accordance with the GDPR legislation.


3. Send out your campaign

Send the campaign to your ambassadors with an attractive message and motivate them to share it on their own personal social channels.   Or you can send your campaign to an identified segment for an even higher success rate.


4. Sharing of the campaign

Your advocates will be able to share your message on their favourite social channels.  Through some tips & tricks, they'll get some insights on how to maximize the output. Your ambassadors won't have to connect their social channels, so no private info is being shared.


5. Monitor the outcome

Monitor the results of your campaign through some very easy-to-understand metrics.  This will give you a deeper insight in the results so you can optimize any future campaigns.


6. Analyze your performance

Through a detailed data-dashboard you can analyze your performance over time. Our straightforward, self-explanatory dashboards track your content’s performance and visually display the data analysis. It facilitates making well-informed, data-driven decisions about future communications. Learn, adapt, achieve an even greater impact.

Additional features

Discover two of our most successful add-on features.

Conversion Tracker

When your ambassadors share links to your website content, you want to know how many site visitors this generates. You also want to see if these visits lead people to take a certain action, such as making a purchase, downloading a resource, filling in a form or applying for a job. Our platform allows you to track these conversions.

Surveys and polls

To get a greater understanding of your ambassadors you also need to listen to their input. With our SurveyAnyplace integration, you’ll increase the engagement level with your ambassadors through interactive surveys and polls. Do your ambassadors find the content you send them interesting? Do they have suggestions for you? Gain valuable insights by creating and sending your surveys to them.

Integrate with us

Do you want to know if the software and tools you use can integrate with Social Seeder? Or are you a software developer and do you want your tool to work seamlessly with Social Seeder? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities and options.