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We're dead simple

Social Seeder made it its core value to make the tool incredibly easy to use, leading to a high adoption rate. That is also our competitive advantage. We see customers choose Social Seeder over and over because our platform is simple throughout.

We allow companies to share their messages through our platform with their employees and ambassadors, without any training required. These employees can in turn share these messages in their own network and accross their social media profiles. This returns very valuable data insights on success ratio, content, interests, and more.

Feature overview

Discover the most important features of Social Seeder

Easy recruitment

Our platform is simple throughout. It’s simple and fast to recruit your internal and external ambassadors. Your employees and fans won’t need any special training, or expertise in order to become ambassadors.

GDPR compliant

Our platform is GDPR compliant. With a double opt-in, a colleague or a fan is not added to your ambassador program until they have clearly given their consent. After entering their details, they will receive an email asking them to confirm their willingness to become ambassadors. Once they click on the link in the invitation email, they are added to your ambassadors. If they never click the link, they will never receive emails from you. 


User segmentation enables you to match users with messages based on their specific needs and preferences. Tailoring your communications to segments increases the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Variety of social media networks

We support a wide range of social media networks. Your ambassadors can share your content via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Xing or just email.

Intuitive Dashboards

Passing on the results of your communications in a non-technical way is important to us. Our straightforward, self-explanatory dashboards track your content’s performance and visually display the data analysis. It facilitates making well-informed, data-driven decisions about future communications. Learn, adapt, achieve an even greater impact.

Conversion Tracker

When your ambassadors share links to your website content, you want to know how many site visitors this generates. You also want to see if these visits lead people to take a certain action, such as making a purchase, downloading a resource or requesting a demo. Our platform allows you to track these conversions.

Surveys and polls

To get a greater understanding of your ambassadors you also need to listen to their input. Through our SurveyAnyPlace integration, you’ll increase the engagement level with your ambassadors through interactive surveys and polls. Do your ambassadors find the content you send them interesting? Do they have suggestions for you? Gain valuable insights by creating and sending your surveys to them.

The Ambassador App

Social Seeder created an app where ambassadors can access all their received communications and share them with the same ease as they would on a desktop. Through the app, users can perform actions much quicker and from the comfort of their mobile devices. Whenever, wherever. As a SaaS platform, we’re constantly adding support for the latest devices. Our app will evolve into a central newsfeed where ambassadors can organize, read, and share the information they received while providing feedback and engaging in back-and-forth communication.

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Social Seeder allows you to instantly connect with other apps to automate your work and find productivity superpowers.

Single Sign-On

No one wants the hassle of maintaining a bunch of usernames and passwords. Enable employees to log in using their existing company accounts in order to maximize engagement.

User Management

Automatically grant or remove access whenever an employee joins or leaves the company. Seamlessly update user profiles based on the attributes in your user management system.

Communication Channels

Consolidate all your communication channels under a single platform and enable personalized, targeted communications delivery.

Content Management

Enhance the reach of your content management systems by automatically delivering content to relevant employees across the company.

Integrate with us

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Do you want to know if the software and tools you use can integrate with Social Seeder? Or are you a software developer and do you want your tool to work seamlessly with Social Seeder? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities and options.