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Companies that invest in employee advocacy can shape a strong, authentic employer brand. Recruiting is easy when your external brand image is positive. Through employee advocacy and employer branding, you'll reach talented applicants through your workers' social networks and have prospective recruits coming to you. So you will get more qualified applicants, hire employees faster, and reduce your average cost per hire.

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Recruit via your own employees: 3 successful steps

Looking for new talent for your business? Not easy. Advertisements are getting more expensive,...
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Recruitment tips: which channel leads to the best candidate?

When was the last time you received a stunning resume and immediately filled a vacancy as a result?...
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The impact of remote working on work/life balance

If this pandemic was bound to strike one day, its timing was not the worst. If it would have struck...
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Exceeding targets thanks to low effort content sharing

Standing out in a very specific niche is not so easy, is that the reason why you have engaged...
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Choosing authentic content over social bannering

You have been working with Social Seeder for a number of years. What are your experiences? “We have...
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From 0 to 70 ambassadors in only 30 days

Social Seeder is still very new to you, how are things going so far? “We started the program a...
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How to turn your employees into strong ambassadors

HR professionals know that by having ambassadors they are able to attract and retain talent more easily, drastically reducing the recruitment cost.



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