Recruitment tips: which channel leads to the best candidate?

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When was the last time you received a stunning resume and immediately filled a vacancy as a result? If you have to think long, then read on. The recruitment landscape has changed - applicants are more demanding and they are less likely to come to you spontaneously.

That's why as a company, you have to be visible on different channels. But, which channel leads to the best candidate? You discover it in this blog - it's probably not what you expected.

Your company website: easy, but effective?

The low-hanging fruit of recruiting: posting your vacancy on your company website. It is the most obvious and easiest choice to start. By doing so, you avoid extra costs that you do pay with external websites such as Jobat or VDAB.

However, chances are your job posting will generate less visibility among potential candidates. For instance, applicants must already know your organisation and spontaneously surf to the website themselves. As a result, you won't reach a large pool of talent.

LinkedIn: battlefield or recruitment blessing?

LinkedIn is the Tinder for HR employees: you scroll through a database of millions of professionals looking for your match. And, let that be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Like fruit flies on an overripe banana, prospective candidates are overwhelmed by personal messages. Of these, half of them are not looking for a new job, and three quarters are not blown away by the automatic message you only changed the name in.

Recruiting on LinkedIn can pay off when it is part of a broader strategy. Use it not only to share your vacancy, but also to introduce people to your organisation. This way you can let your employees speak or show your business expertise with an interesting blog. And, it doesn't always have to be serious - a mix of information and entertainment is ideal. A team-building activity where everyone comes to work dressed up? Perfect to show the atmosphere within the company ... go for it!

Your own employees: the power of word-of-mouth

Sometimes you have to make it with what you have - and in the context of recruitment this is a big win. Namely, 30% of the new employees coming in are provided by your very own staff members.

That's why word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful communication channels. Because, let's face it: you believe the words of a good friend rather than those of a company, don't you? In addition, this recruitment strategy gives you three additional benefits:

1. Lower recruitment cost

You spend less money on advertisements or job sites. In addition, you spend less time looking for the right candidate. This gives you more free moments for other tasks, which benefits both the organisation and you.

2. Better quality of candidates

Because your employees promote the organisation, candidates get a clearer picture of the company. As a result, expectations are better aligned than when they apply directly through a job vacancy. Your employees will only recommend candidates whose potential they are convinced of. After all, they don't want to risk their own reputation!

3. Higher involvement of your own employees

Involving your own employees makes them feel part of the larger company goals. They feel intrinsically committed to the organisation as they help build its continued growth and success.

And the winning channel is?

Each channel has its pros and cons. For example, posting a job vacancy on your company website is a small effort, but you reach fewer applicants. You can reach more prospective candidates in LinkedIn, but you will bump into thousands of other companies.

Ultimately, the classic word-of-mouth wins: your employees promoting the organisation. By activating your employees in your recruitment strategy, you attract new and high-quality talent faster.

Curious about how to activate your employees in this word-of-mouth strategy?

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