SD Worx is one of Europe’s largest HR & Payroll companies, operating in 26 countries. An important aspect of their marketing strategy is to profile their consultants and sales people as experts in their field. By using Social Seeder, SD Worx wants to grow the reach of their content in an organic way. 


The main goal was to highlight the expertise of their ambassadors. A second goal was to expand the reach of their content. As a future goal, SD Worx wants to use Social Seeder to support their recruitment.
Times more reach

Choosing authentic content over social bannering

You have been working with Social Seeder for a number of years. What are your experiences?

“We have been working with Social Seeder for about four years and we have approximately one thousand ambassadors. This leads to a large reach, thanks to the engagement ratios we achieve. Our marketing teams were very eager to use the tool, helping them to spread their content organically. The ambassadors sometimes need a little more stimulation, but in general they pick it up quickly as well. I would call it an indispensable tool.”

Authentic and credible employer branding

What were the reasons for SD Worx to get started with Social Seeder?

“The choice for Social Seeder at the time was mainly to put our own ambassadors in the spotlight as experts. HR consultants who visit customers, but also sales people, they all have to show and radiate professional knowledge. So it goes beyond employer branding. A second important driver was the reach, which is two to ten times higher when it comes from individuals, compared to content published on a company page. The same goes for engagement numbers. After all, word of mouth publicity within a certain network is much more authentic and credible than bannering on social media and Google display. That is why SD Worx also wants to use Social Seeder as an HR tool to stimulate employee recruitment in Belgium.”

You are an international company operating in different countries. How do you implement Social Seeder?

“The implementation of Social Seeder is a phased process for us. Initially, there was a general rollout in 12 countries. SD Worx operates in 26 countries. In 7 of these we now are in the early start-up phase, with Spain, Poland and Italy taking the lead. We always start with the global strategies, followed by the ambassadorship programs. Our aim is to develop a global approach. With training material and best practices all to be managed from one central point. We are convinced that Social Seeder will be an added value in all these countries.We take it step by step.”



Some examples of high performing Social Seeder campaigns of SD Worx.


SD Worx is one of Europe’s largest HR & Payroll companies, operating in 26 countries.