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How to measure employee engagement

As a company launching an ambassador program or an employee advocacy program, you'll have specific...

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Social Seeder now supports surveys and polls

To get a greater understanding of your ambassadors you need to also listen to their input. For us...

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The cost of low employee engagement

Disengaged or low-engaged employees are those who have somehow lost interest in their job and their...

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Pros and Cons of gamifying employee engagement

What is gamification? Gamification adds game elements to non-game activities. The idea behind it is...

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Employee Engagement activities to try this month

Engaged employees have a high level of commitment to their work. They are more productive, perform...

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What to look for in an Employee Engagement platform

There are several reasons an organization would opt to invest time and effort in an employee...

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5 signs of low engagement among the workforce

There is a clear relationship between employee engagement and business performance. Engaged...

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What is employee engagement?

What is employee engagement? Simply put, employee engagement refers to the extent to which the...
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