Atlas Copco Rental Europe guarantees 24/7 reliable B2B solutions for temporary air, power, water or steam needs. To stand out in this very specific sector they were looking for a way to maximize the reach of their content through social media, and especially LinkedIn. A global approach and consistency in publishing content was of crucial importance. Social Seeder helped them to achieve their ambitious goals. Mainly thanks to the user-friendly platform and the effect of social interaction.


The main goal for Atlas Copco Rental was to spread its brand message throughout different social media platforms. The marketing team aims to reach hundreds of thousands people with their LinkedIn content. For their HR colleagues the main goal was recruitment.
people reached on LinkedIn
Chat service
works really well
3-4 clicks
to publish a post

Exceeding targets thanks to low effort content sharing

Standing out in a very specific niche is not so easy, is that the reason why you have engaged Social Seeder?

“Exactly! We have been using Social Seeder for almost three years now, because we want to spread our brand message consistently throughout different social media platforms. We want people to know that we are the most reliable partner for their temporary applications and that we have all the right equipment available. LinkedIn is still the platform of choice for professionals. With Social Seeder we help our ambassadors to keep their LinkedIn profiles vivid by providing them with valuable content every week. Besides LinkedIn we sometimes use Facebook and WhatsApp for less corporate messages.”

Easy to use way to boost employer branding & employee recruitment

What are Atlas Copco’s main objectives using Social Seeder?

“The main objective was to spread the message we want our customers and the world to see, very strongly and consistently. Both in copy and visually. The tool itself is an excellent and easy to use way for our ambassadors to use our content or to promote our content. It also motivates them to create their own content, because they see the interaction growing as they post more and more. Social Seeder is not only an employer branding tool. Our HR team for example is also very happy with it, because it helps us to promote certain job openings. One of our most clicked campaigns was an employee recruitment campaign. So it’s obvious that it really drives interaction.”

Was it a challenge to motivate employees to get started with the platform?

“The Social Seeder platform is very user friendly, so that wasn’t much of a problem. The ‘why’ was the message we had to reinforce a little. We assured people that they were not obligated to become an ambassador. Instead we showed them this was a great way to help them to post content on LinkedIn. It allows people to showcase their commitment and pride in a low effort way. Once they saw that they got likes and comments on our content, it stimulated them to create content as well. So it's fair to say that it's a way to achieve employee engagement. Everyone within our organization is free to use Social Seeder by the way, from the General Manager to our local technicians. We don’t select on job level or whatsoever.”

Smooth collaboration & support

Social Seeder is software WITH a service. How do you experience that exactly?

“Our collaboration with Social Seeder runs very smoothly. The chat service works really well and they are very responsive. There’s always someone eager to help. We often need to post our content quickly when we are reacting to something. So their response speed is of tremendous value to us. The tool itself is very easy to use from an admin point of view. A post is drafted in no time for example. For our ambassadors it literally takes only three or four clicks to publish that post.”

What are the main goals you would like to achieve with Social Seeder?

“This year I would like to reach 800.000 people on LinkedIn. A few months ago we crossed the mark of half a million people, which was our target for this year. So we are already exceeding that target. However, we remain ambitious and that is why I would also like to achieve at least 6000 clicks. We are around 4500 at this moment, so let’s keep going. We are really happy with Social Seeder. It undeniably helped us to grow our community on LinkedIn and to showcase to the world who we are.”


Some examples of high performing Social Seeder campaigns of Atlas Copco Rental Europe.


Atlas Copco Rental Europe guarantees 24/7 reliable B2B solutions for temporary air, power, water or steam needs.