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Social Seeder simplifies content sharing via your employees.
We equip you with the insights to measure, adapt, and amplify your communication.

For HR

In today's ultra-competitive market, securing and retaining top-tier talent is an uphill battle.

With Social Seeder, leverage the authentic voices of your employees to resonate with potential recruits. 

Make your recruitment process not just a call for positions but a genuine reflection of your brand’s culture and values.



For Marketing

In a world flooded with thousands of messages each day, recommendations from friends are far more impactful than any type of branded content.

A single employee, on average, reaches 317 peers, showcasing the undeniable power of word-of-mouth.

With Social Seeder, transform your staff into brand ambassadors, turning employee voices into your top marketing asset.



For Employees

Let them feel like they are part of a larger mission!

By sharing the company's special stories, your employees will feel pride as their posts ignite engagement, turning them from colleagues into celebrated ambassadors.

Rest assured, the privacy of the ambassadors is our highest priority.

Together, let's build a community, one story, and one trusted voice at a time.


Patrick Social Seeder

Ready for your next step?

Ready to tap into decades of expertise? Schedule a call with Patrick. Drawing from 20+ years in marketing and a specialized focus of 9 years in employee engagement and employer branding, we're equipped to understand your challenges and provide expert insights. Made to help you. No strings attached.

Sucess Through Authenticity: Our Client’s Stories

Navigating today's business landscape is complex. Companies grapple with employee expectations, the shift to remote work, environmental responsibilities, and more, all while striving to maintain work-life balance and a healthy workplace. These challenges intensify when attracting talent and forging authentic connections with customers.

With Social Seeder, organizations aren’t just weathering the storm – they’re thriving in it. Harness the power of employee advocacy and expertise-backed strategies to turn these challenges into opportunities.

“The choice for Social Seeder at the time was mainly to put our own ambassadors in the picture as experts. HR consultants who visit customers, but also sales people, they all have to show and radiate professional knowledge.”
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Kevin Nelissen

Search & Social Media Strategist

  • Social Seeder contributes to our one way of working  
  • It’s an indispensable tool for our marketing teams
  • Large potential to stimulate recruitment
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“Through employer branding we aim to boost our presence on social media. It’s not just about posting job openings. We try to highlight different aspects of Arval and use Social Seeder to show an overall picture of what we do and who we are.
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Frédéric Coussement

External Sales & Network Manager

  • Great tool to support employer branding
  • Makes it very easy to keep track of our activity
  • The insights help us to create new relevant content
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“Our main objective is to spread the message we want our customers and the world to see, very strongly and consistently. Both in copy and visually. The tool itself is an excellent and easy to use way for our ambassadors to promote our content.”
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Seppe Van Beneden

Marketing & Communications Professional

  • Keeps our ambassadors’ LinkedIn profiles vivid 
  • Stimulates them to create content themselves
  • Great asset for recruitment
  • Social Seeder’s service is of tremendous value
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“Employees seem more aware of what is going on within the company, across business units. They feel like they are all part of a broader framework and work towards a common goal.”
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Katrien De Nolf

HR & Internal Communication

Why Social Seeder?

  • Easily segment your ambassadors
  • Curate specific content for each group
  • Insights in which campaigns perform the best, which can inform the content you create moving forward!
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“Thanks to a great corporate culture and especially thanks to Social Seeder, our employees can easily and quickly share our news on social networks, with the benefit of an ever-increasing reach over the months.”
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Roxanne Tonus

Communication Manager

Why Social Seeder?

  • User friendly and fun to use
  • Everything you need to monitor campaigns
  • Support with expert advice 
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We Believe in Software WITH a Service

In a world flooded with software, genuine guidance stands out. Social Seeder blends robust software with hands-on consultancy.

We're more than just a tool; we're your sidekick on the ambassador journey, turning hurdles into victories.


1. Build your advocate squad

During a strategic workshop, our experts share their insights on the most efficient and effective way to recruit, activate and engage your community of ambassadors - based on your individual company targets.

Segmenting your ambassadors allows you to tailor your communications.


2. Send shareable company news

Send targeted company news (or related news) to your ambassadors. Encourage your ambassadors to share it on social: it only takes a few clicks. Our experts assist in creating effective, tailored content for your company.




3. Analyze your results and optimize

We help you analyzing campaign results so you can optimize your content. Through detailed reporting on self-explanatory dashboards, you’ll be able to measure the success of every item you send. Learn, adapt and improve.



You can reach our ambassador experts on a daily basis by e-mail or via the live chat support.


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