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Success stories

Our customers achieve great results

Our 460 customers worldwide are in different industries, ranging from SMEs to big corporates all with a different approach. They do, however, have one thing in common: they all want to build communities of ambassadors.

Exceeding targets thanks to low effort content sharing

Standing out in a very specific niche is not so easy, is that the reason why you have engaged...
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Choosing authentic content over social bannering

You have been working with Social Seeder for a number of years. What are your experiences? “We have...
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From 0 to 70 ambassadors in only 30 days

Social Seeder is still very new to you, how are things going so far? “We started the program a...
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Dstny creates an ambassador community to boost their brand

Implementation They have more than 65 ambassadors, 57 of which were active during the last month....
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SD Worx overcomes social network algorithm with ambassador program

Implementation At the moment they have more than 500 ambassadors in Belgium, 80% of which were...
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Roularta Media Group aims to onboard ALL employees

Implementation How Roularta Media Group started with employee advocacy Roularta Media Group...
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Facilicom Group skyrockets its website traffic

Implementation At the moment, they have more than 400 ambassadors, 40% of which are active....
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Delaware activates employees to upvote colleagues for awards

Implementation At the moment, they have more than 210 ambassadors, 80% of which are active. They...
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Orange launched #ProudToBeOrange as their employee advocacy program.

Implementation First Stage At first, Social Seeder was launched to share quality content with the...
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