Every company has ambassadors, we help you to recruit &
activate them
on social media!

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What is Social Seeder?

Social Seeder is a campaigning tool to recruit & activate your online ambassadors on social media. It allows you to easily manage your ambassador communication, it facilitates the sharing process on social media and it provides you with rich insights and statistics.

How does it work?

How does it work

Manage your ambassadors

  • easily import csv, Excel
  • recruit online
  • segment your connections

Reach your ambassadors

Setup your campaigns easily in your own email format, whether that is plain text, your own template or using our pre-defined template

Facilitate sharing

A one-click seeding: you define a pre-filled message that your ambassadors can customize.

Measure the results

You receive all the information live about views, clicks, reach, conversion and the Ambassador Marketing Value. Aggregated or on an individual basis.

The Benefits

Easy Sharing

Easy sharing

Social Seeder makes it really easy to create a message, invite people to seed it in their social networks and measure the return per individual seeder. It's a hands-on tool that facilitates your online ambassador program!

Exponential reach

Exponential reach and impact

With Social Seeder you're not longer the only one spreading the news. If your online ambassadors are helping to share your messages, you will have far more impact. Empower the people who already love your business story!

Rich insights

Rich insights

In Social Seeder you get a live overview of the results of all your seeding campaigns. The dashboard keeps track of who shares what and on which networks, allowing you to measure the impact and discover your top ambassadors.

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