Activate your most efficient advocates: your employees

Increase employee advocacy with Social Seeder

One important aspect of employee engagement is to communicate with your workforce, so they can talk about you.

Potential new employees need to know about you as an employer when you are recruiting. Potential new customers need to know about your values.  And who better to tell this story than your current employees ?


1. Build your advocate squad

Recruit, activate and engage your community of ambassadors. Segmenting your ambassadors allows you to tailor your communications.


2. Send shareable company news

Send targeted company news (or related news) to your ambassadors. Encourage your ambassadors to share it on social: it only takes a few clicks.


3. Analyze your results and optimize

Through detailed reporting on self-explanatory dashboards, you’ll be able to measure the success of every item you send. Learn, adapt and improve.

We help build meaningful companies

Today, companies face a lot of challenges, and employees expect more from their employer. Embracing remote or hybrid working, reducing the ecological footprint, ensuring a good work-life balance and a healthy work-environment, ... are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to attracting talent and connecting with your customers.

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The benefits of a strong employee
advocacy program

discover the power of high employee engagement

Discover the power of high employee engagement

Increase engagement among the workforce, and convert employees into powerful online brand advocates. Social Seeder provides the technology, the data, and the necessary support to optimize your employee communications.


Attract top talent cost-effectively

Empowering employees to promote your employer brand will give you a clear edge in the war for talent. Today recruiting the right people has become very difficult. Enhance the quality of applicants and drastically cut the average cost-per-hire by building a strong employer brand.


Increase your brand’s authenticity and reach

Opening doors for employees to easily share company content on social media significantly extends its reach. Furthermore, having employee advocates share your stories on CSR projects humanizes your brand and creates Brand Pride.

Deliver extraordinary customer experiences

Deliver extraordinary customer experiences

Creating an environment of active listening and sharing is key to building a strong company culture. As customer experience begins with an organization’s people, it is crucial that employees are happy and that they are motivated to keep customers happy too.


Boost social selling

When employees frequently share relevant company content, they position themselves as go-to resources for information about your products or industry. Help your employees generate leads and speed up the sales cycle by investing in social selling.

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