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The surprising way to engage your employees and boost your visibility.

Social Seeder enables companies to energize employees and activate communication throughout their networks.
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Expand your value & influence through your employees

Social Seeder combines a unique methodology with a powerful platform. We help you recruit and engage your potential ambassadors – whether your employees, community members, or fans – with authentic content that can be shared on their social media networks. It’s hassle-free and multilingual. 


Find the right talent

In a world where people are constantly comparing one employer to another, it’s important to stand out from the rest. With our methodology and easy to use platform you can find the right fit for your company through your employees.


Supercharge your Marketing

Boosting brand awareness or getting people to know about your company or product has never been easier. With the help of your engaged employees and fans, you can reach a great amount of people with the right content and frequency. And all this in the easiest way possible.


Social Selling through employee advocacy

Boost your sales by developing a strong relationship with your employees and fans as part of your sales process. People tend to trust recommendations from friends and family for 92% compared to traditional advertising. Social Seeder can help you unlock the potential of the network your employees and fans have by providing them with relevant content about your product.

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